6 tips for a happy long-distance relationship

Long-distance relationships are good for the love and at least as good for the career. We explain why – and how it works with the relationship in the distance really well.

There is this unspeakable reproach that you still make successful women. They are emotionless, they say. You have a career to the lovewaived, not married, no children . Is not that sad, one asks.

In fact, a career for women is easier if they do not have to balance the relationship and the job. Especially at the beginning. That does not mean that you have to stay alone. Much better and common today anyway: a long distance relationship . Anyone who is afraid that the relationship fails because rethinking that it promotes the career rather. Staying together with the friend at a distance is also easier than retrieving a missed opportunity.

The automatic balance of love and job

Those who love in a long-distance relationship need less energy to balance the time for the relationship and time for the work. During the week, you can concentrate on the work. Nobody is annoyed when you stay longer in the office. Which does not necessarily mean that every guy is uncomprehending because he wants the girlfriend to finally come home. You put yourself under pressure, because of course you want it yourself.

Another nice side effect, to be alone late after work: no one complains, if you just want to dump hot water into a cup of instant noodles. The dust on the cupboard can stay a week longer. The socks will stay in the hall until tomorrow.

The long distance relationship in preparation for the executive chair

A long-distance relationship also trains skills needed for a career. Those who only have one another on the phone during the week train the ability to communicate. Conversations become more intense and have to be, for the relationship to work. Irrelevant nonsense only works if you are sitting in front of the TV together, not on the phone. Who leads a long-distance relationship, is experienced in solving conflicts in the conversation, can communicate and listen. In short: skills that make it easier to get into the executive suite.

Those who only see their loved ones for a limited period of time and from whom the work is naturally banned, continue to learn to use the time wisely. It is easy to distinguish the important from the important, to fully enjoy the free time (together). Where it is difficult for other employees to take a break from work and sometimes to relax, they have those in a long-distance relationship automatically. Every weekend becomes a short break and clears the mind. After that you are more efficient again.

So that it not only works with the career, but also holds the relationship:

6 tips for a happy long-distance relationship:

1. Accept the separation
Every Sunday evening. Or whenever you separate yourself spatially for the job. When the relationship works, you become emotional every time you leave. It’s good. To miss is better than to argue.

2. Separate work and love
This is already done spatially, but must also make it clear in time. So: in time do not work together. If this is unavoidable, choose a time window to work together so the other can deal with it.

3. Do not make too much
If you do not spend seven days a week together, of course, the time together would like to use all the more. The mistake: stuff as much as possible in a weekend, from the cinema to dinner and forest walk. Too exhausting after an intense work week.

4. Reduce expectations
A typical beginner’s mistake: whoever does not see the friend for a long time, glorifies him in his thoughts – and then is disappointed when he meets again, if the expectations are not met. Because maybe one of them is in a bad mood and sometimes they argue. Loving missing is good, as long as it does not create false expectations.

5. Not only on the weekend see
Love on the weekend is the classic of all long-distance relationships, in the long run but definitely too little. Better: Plan joint holidays regularly and take extended weekends. This is how you sometimes remember how everyday life works together.

6. On a perspective some
long-distance relationships that last a lifetime are quite difficult. Even in the distance you have to agree on when this ends again. How to define this period, you have to set individually. The perspective on the end is important – especially in times when you miss the other one very special.

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