If you’ve just separated, please avoid the following things

You should never do this after a breakup

Data again immediately

Even if you’re feeling emotionally ready to date other men again, take it slow. Ex-partners often race to see who is the first to find someone new. Enjoy your single time and orientate yourself first in peace.

Share everything on social networks

Especially when the breakup was not entirely peaceful, we tend to share our “new” life after the breakup on social media to show everyone how well we are. The internet never forgets why it’s worth noting to share everything before you get annoyed about it at some point.

Don’t allow feelings

After a breakup, many women feel they need to be strong and show weakness when they let their feelings run free. This is counterproductive and will make life difficult for you. Do what you feel like doing.

Avoid events your ex is at

If you have friends in common, the situation after the breakup is not easy. After all, you need a little distance from the other and you don’t want to appear at joint events. But that is exactly what you should be doing. If you distance yourself from such events (because of your ex-partner), you also avoid your friends and they could resent you at some point.

Keep in touch with your parents

Even if you got along well with his parents, you should (for the time being) reduce contact to a minimum. After a breakup, it is important to find yourself again and to restructure your life. Through the contact with his parents, however, there is always a connection between you and the new beginning is more difficult.

Compare yourself to other couples

Do you have a couple in your circle of friends who recently split up? Feel free to get tips on how to deal with the situation, but please don’t compare your breakup with that of your friends. Every breakup is different and should be handled individually by each couple. Find out for yourself how best to deal with it and don’t let anything get on your mind.


6 things you should never do after a breakup

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