To be sure, the lion is not always as they paint it. Leo is the person who will leave you a taste in your mouth for a lifetime, of the signs that you do not forget the first time. Someone who likes attention, if you are not prepared to make it your priority you better look the other way. Because Leo likes to love passionately with a sentimental touch, did you fall in love with one? These are the 6 things that happen when you give your heart to a Leo: 

Leo is ruled by the Sun, that is the reason why he is used to being the center of the Universe and that is fine. Someone of this sign demands attention, because he likes to be given his place and surrender with the soul. Leo has the gift of creativity, intelligence and strength that many would like to succeed. However, his heart is for few, there are truths that you may not like. Let’s look at the 6 things that happen when you give your heart to a Leo:

1.- Fools and a little more

Nor how to deny it, you need to know that probably in an argument Leo is going to win you, no matter how many arguments you have up your sleeve. In addition, it is a very proud sign, they do not forget betrayals and that of being hypocrites is simply not part of their personality. The best thing you can do is take it easy and wait for it to pass when he’s upset, otherwise it’s like putting your hands in the fire.

2.- A touch of ego 

The bad thing about Leo is that he has a hard time dealing with what people think, because he enjoys being admired and for that reason they are always under pressure to do things perfectly. It is possible that on the outside they look very safe, but when they are told something hurtful they can lose the floor, they are not conceited but it is difficult for them to assimilate when they make a mistake. 

3.- The more I play the better 

A child by your side, make no mistake, the fact that Leo has a charming, naive and funny side, has nothing to do with immaturity. In fact, he is the most playful sign of the zodiac, jokes are his specialty and once they feel confident, get ready because they will get the laughter out of your life. With Leo you are never bored and you don’t even have to leave the house.

4.- They have a radar 

You will simply be amazed by Leo’s abilities to detect fake people around you, they are that person who warns you about something and then confirms it.A unique ability to detect bad vibes, they don’t like to pretend. So for no reason do you force them to live with someone they don’t like, because it shows in every pore. Leo is polite but hates lies and cheap excuses. 

5.- A complement 

I’m sorry but someone had to say it, Leos are not small when it comes to giving their hearts, they like people who inspire them. If they feel that their partner is cutting their wings, they prefer to say goodbye. It is a sign that honors wit, fun and sociability. They stay with partners who make them feel strong, determined, and make their minds and hearts tremble.

6.- Your space 

Be very careful trying to invade Leo’s space, he is a quite loving zodiac sign, but he needs to get away from time to time. Independence is part of their personality, so when they feel controlled they want to run away. If they start to feel invaded, they will get in a bad mood, distant and with excuses for not living together, so don’t overwhelm them.


6 Things That Happen When You Give Your Heart To A Leo

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