6 things that can happen when you have to let go of your soulmate

People like to exchange the words soulmate and spouse. A soulmate is meant to be the person you fall in love with at first sight, marry, have children with, and then spend the rest of your life happily with. But soulmate is not the name you have to give your partner in life. The concept of soulmate goes much deeper than that.

Anyone who has ever been in a true soul mate knows: there is a difference.

There is no way to explain exactly how you feel in the presence of your soulmate. And while words can’t explain this feeling, it’s hard to miss when it’s happening to you. Being with your soulmate is not just about the rush of love and infatuation. You feel a connection that goes deeper than the happiness that love and attraction bring you and that is triggered by endorphins. When you meet your soul mate or soul mate, you know that you have found someone who you are not just connected to on a physical level. You feel a connection that is intellectual, spiritual and even emotional.

The intensity of such a relationship is much higher than anything you have experienced before.

You know it, they have your heart and it’s irrevocable. When you first meet them, they don’t even feel like strangers, but like a part of you that you’ve always had and only momentarily forgotten. And they feel like they’re the living embodiment of the intimacy of home. This is because they are your soul mates and your soul has known them through many lifetimes.

But sometimes it seems like this life isn’t the one you were meant to be in.

At first you are hesitant and angry and will aggressively try to salvage the relationship. You will do anything that makes you feel like you can change things for the better. But eventually you will realize that you need to let go, for your own good and hers. And then you’ll realize that you have to do this in order not to bring even more toxicity into your life. While letting them go can be extremely traumatizing, life goes on. And this is how you deal with it –

1) Love will never be the same again –

It’s not that you won’t be able to ever fall in love again. If you’re lucky, you’ll also break free of someone you’d love to spend the rest of your life with. And it will not be a compromise, you will be happy with the life you have. But you won’t be satisfied. You will always feel like something is missing in your life and you just can’t put a name to it. How you experience love will change forever when you are with your soulmate!

2) You will always carry the memories with you –

No matter how hard you try and whatever you do to suppress these memories, you will never be able to let go of them completely. They will catch up with you if you don’t even think about them. And when you’re sad or a little depressed, they flock to you. You will feel like you have no control over the movie playing on the screen in your head. Good or bad, happy, carefree times or the stressed times towards the end; all these memories will be alive as long as you live.

3) You become a different version of yourself –

When you are separated from your soulmate, some of the essence of your sense of self is lost forever. You deny a small part of yourself so you can get over the pain of loss. You learn to deal with the lovesickness. You change the way you approach relationships and people. Those who find you after this can appreciate this altered version as you are definitely more experienced and learned than before. But you remember how you used to be, and maybe sometimes you miss being that version of you. But there’s no way you can go back to that time now.

4) You often question yourself about the past –

If you are not with your soulmate despite trying everything in your power, it means that the relationship was very toxic that it couldn’t work out. Even years after it happened you will break free and wonder if there was anything you could have done that would have made a difference. You would agonize over all your actions and reactions from back then, trying to figure out what triggered the breakup or where things went wrong.

5) They haunt you in your dreams –

As mentioned earlier, unless you are with your soulmate, it will not be the end of your life. You will still be in love with yourself and go through life like everyone else. And most of the time you can’t even think about her for a second. But that doesn’t mean your soul has forgotten them. This shows constantly when you see her in your dreams. This is how your subconscious deals with her loss.

6) Your life will go on –

You will have amazing adventures and a fulfilling home. Yes, it’s true that you’ll never fully recover from losing your soulmate because they feel so much a part of you, but you’ll definitely get used to the feeling. You will learn to live with it as if it were a different part of you. And that’s definitely not the end of the story for you and your soulmate.

Enjoy this life and be sure that you will see her again. You will find them again, in the next life and the one after that. As you have always done and always will do.

6 things that can happen when you have to let go of your soulmate

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