6 sure signs that you are dealing with a psychopath

How do you know if you’re dealing with a psychopath?

The psychopath is not just the main character in the psychological thriller you watched last weekend, as most people think. Psychopaths are real people who have their own families, their jobs and their lives. And they are not serial killers!

The character of a psychopath is comparable to that of a liquid. You have the power to secretly adapt to any situation. They are masters at transforming their own identity, mirroring their own personality with that of others and getting everything they want. Whether praise, attention, love, sex, money or possession – it can be anything.

Psychopaths get EVERYTHING they want!

Because of their innate ability to adapt to the complex characteristics of any personality they desire, others often refer to them as charming, innocent, funny, considerate, understanding, and kind.

But you must never push their buttons too hard!

Once you start discovering bugs in them, they’ll quickly get you into a spiral argument that you won’t find an exit from.

Even if the mistake is your own and you try to express what may have discouraged you, they will manipulate and stage the situation so that you will ultimately apologize for your mistake without making a mistake.

They are great actors, experts in changing things in self-protection.

The sad thing is that an argument with a psychopath has no end. Everything turns in a circle until you have given them the upper hand.

Here are 6 sure signs that the person you are dealing with is a psychopath and it is time to free yourself:

1. Lies and excuses.

From time to time everyone builds crap. Lies told by ordinary people are periodic or situational, unlike those of a psychopath. You never keep your word. Each of their promises is empty and is never kept. They lack the ability to take responsibility, and if caught lying, they deny it without worrying about it.

2. It gets loud.

Psychopaths enjoy getting out of balance when arguing in front of them. They are calm in most conversations, but once the compass of guilt points to them, you will find that they measure your facial expression, imitate it, mock your gestures, raise eyebrows, grin, and pretend disappointment.

It’s just about staying calm and submissive. Once you get emotionally out of control, they begin to express their anger by getting louder. So they destabilize you, scare you and block the flow of logical thinking. This is how they take control of you.

The screaming and roaring will ultimately weaken your defence and make you sensitive.

3. Projection.

Hypocrisy is the middle name of a psychopath. They lack the emotional maturity to admit their mistakes. It is very important for them to have a weak person next to them so that they can project their mistakes, shortcomings and weaknesses onto the other person.

They will monopolize the conversation by blaming the most generous person and accusing them of being rude, ruthless, and fraudulent. Remember, whatever they point their finger at you, it is exactly the things they cannot maintain or accept in their faulty personalities.

4. Play the role of the victim

This is your favourite weapon. They use this because they are aware that the person on the other hand is kind, empathetic, and gullible enough to be convinced of their trickery. If the psychopath does not keep a promise and you are hurt by his behaviour, then they not only invalidate your feelings – there is also reluctance or distant behaviour. In the end, there will be no excuses on your part, and no sympathy will be expressed.

But wait. Surprisingly, you’ll have to apologize for being so needy, emotionally unstable, and hypersensitive. If you do not apologize, the psychopath will blame you for lack of compassion because you take no account of his stress, pain, and trauma. Ultimately, you lose focus and it is the focus because it is it that deserves sympathy, love and understanding.

5. Interruptions

Psychopaths are experienced interlocutors. However, they are not interested in two-way discussions. They love to be the centre of attention and have no patience to listen to the version of the story or the opinions of the other person. Compromising the opinions of those involved to get a win / win solution and avoiding disagreements is not their business.

You will notice that whenever you express your opinion in front of the psychopath, he/she will immediately block your conversation flow to draw your attention back to you. So they have power over you, in all areas.

6. The ultimate silent treatment

If all of the above tricks fail, a psychopath uses his ultimate power tool to make you feel bad – the silent treatment. It is a form of emotional abuse in which the psychopath interrupts all types of communication with the other person with the intention of triggering an emotional reaction in the person.

Silent treatment means reduced daily communication with you without having to take responsibility for your own mistakes. Often this silent treatment requires an appropriate apology, which, when requested by you, establishes its dominance and confirms its exaggerated superiority.

The only way to get rid of these mental games of psychopaths is to separate yourself from the psychopath.

The more time you waste trying to satisfy his vulnerable ego, the more you will contribute to impairing your own mental health.

It doesn’t deserve your valuable time or energy. The worst mistake you can make while arguing with a psychopath is trying to get him to understand your views. They lack the ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes because they feel very comfortable in their grandiose stature – and do not want to change!


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