6 stupid things women do and thus attract bad guys

It seems that you constantly come across some assholes who only break your heart? Maybe you yourself are unconsciously doing what attracts them.

1. You ignore quieter and calmer men.

Imagine that you are in a cafe, where two different male companies are sitting at different tables: one is noisy and loud, and the other is quiet and calm. Surely you will be attracted more by some active and charismatic handsome man from the first noisy company, right? He is in the spotlight, he jokes a lot, everyone wants him. And these are the usually bad guys – not all, but most.

But in fact, shouting and playing in public in a public place is a sign of immaturity. So next time, pay attention to the quieter ones.

2. You encourage bad behavior.

Maybe you laugh at inappropriate jokes, flirt with him, even if he was joking at you, continue to communicate, even if he is rude to the waitress. You yourself do not understand it, but you encourage his bad behavior.

3. You choose men whose type you already know.

Maybe you are subconsciously afraid to give a chance to a man of a different type and choose the bad guy again, because with him you at least know what to expect and how to behave.

4. You think ordinary good men are “boring.”

But suffering and suffering is romantic only in the movies. In life, it’s really better to be with someone who is just good. And if you didn’t give such a chance, how can you know for sure that he’s boring?

5. You start dating someone without thinking.

But in order not to repeat past mistakes, you need to analyze them and not rush into the one who liked you. Yes, attention is nice, but if you’re tired of suffering from bad guys, then it’s time to start thinking.

6. You have low self-esteem.

Therefore, you are fooled by everyone who shows signs of attention to you. Or maybe you want to prove something to someone, because you yourself try to please the coolest guy, who often turns out to be a womanizer.


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