These friends will not disappear at the first sign of trouble.

We all need at least one loyal person in our lives, whether they are friends, partners or family members. These are the people who help us when we need them most. They would go through hell for us. They are the ones who would not leave us to save their own skin. They will stand behind you to protect you.

They are there for the good and bad times and everything in between. They have always covered your back and they always gave you all their support and love.

These people tend to prove themselves over and over again. They never have to question their loyalty. They know that they are faithful. And you try to be as faithful and trustworthy as you. Because you admire her for that.

Not everyone in your life has to be that way, and many people do not have those qualities in them. Sometimes a small problem is enough and your friendship is gone. That will not happen to these people. So who are the signs of the zodiac that will always be faithful to you?


Bulls are persistent, reliable, patient and persistent. Once they commit to someone, they will always be there for that person, regardless of the consequences the bull has to bear. The bull is there for you, whether someone died in your family or you were promoted at work.

When you are frustrated and overwhelmed, bulls do what they can to make you feel better. They do not go when things get difficult, complicated or even dangerous. You stay until the end and stand by your side!

2. CANCER (JUNE 21 – JULY 22)

Cancers would die with you. They are always there for you and support you in every situation. They will defend you in public or comfort you at home, depending on what you need. They look after you and do not go after what is more comfortable for them. They are extremely protective and will stay by your side, even if their loyalty costs them a lot of strength.

Once crabs make a commitment, even if it is not legal or binding, they will be there in good times and bad. They are loyal and rarely expect anything in return. People with this star sign are true friends!


Lions wind faithfully and helpfully and do whatever it takes to help. They will also support you when you need it most, defend yourself, even though you are wrong, and cheer you when you feel bad.

When they feel downcast or upset, they push their feelings aside so they can be there for you. Lions do not run away from problems, they face them head-on, even if they have nothing to do with them. They offer their foreheads and try to overcome them.


There is no one who is more reliable and trustworthy than the virgin, which makes her a friend you absolutely need in your life. They are always there to help you when you need them.

They’re also smart, so they always give the best advice and give the most helpful tips when you’re too messed up to see things clearly. Virgins are alert and can help you avoid dangerous situations even before they begin. You can really trust them!


Capricorns are the smartest people in your life. They are always there when you need them, and they are there even if they had no idea that you would need them. They are almost perfect and very strong.

A friendship with a Capricorn can outlast any challenge and get better and better. If Capricorn makes a commitment, he will comply with it even if he receives a better offer. He always remains true to himself and to his neighbor in life. A feature that unfortunately is rare nowadays!


Fish are friendly, loyal and have a lot of love to give. They seem to have a sixth sense of when someone is in trouble and needs their help. It can be an emotionally sensitive situation in which you find yourself or a simple request. The fish will not let you down. If it is a friend or loved one, the fish will be there to support and protect him.

Fish take care of you when you’re sick, excuse themselves when they make a mistake, and if you do something embarrassing in public, they take responsibility for it. That makes a true friend just!

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