There are people who need their dose of drama to feel comfortable, let’s say that the feeling of instability and mystery keeps them on their toes. But, there is the other side of the coin, the signs that do not support it even a bit, they prefer to turn the page, the less toxicity in their life the better. They are the ones who focus on their own thing and criticizing the lives of others seems the worst to them.

The reason why these signs prefer to stay away from the drama is because they have a busy schedule, they do not want to be distracted from their goals and instead of spending time on it, they prefer to take back their hobbies. They are signs of the zodiac who prefer peace, they do not need that adrenaline to feel alive. For some the drama is their day to day, but they prefer their mental, emotional and physical health. Who are they?

6.- Capricorn

If there is something that distinguishes Capricorn from the rest, it is that they are extremely direct, sometimes they can say things that hurt, but they do not do it with that intention. For the same reason, they prefer to stay away from the drama, because their anger is of arms to take. It is a zodiac sign that knows very well what it wants in life and when someone intervenes, it takes it out of its way, especially when it comes to problematic people.

5.- Aquarius

The zodiac dreamers, Aquarius is a sign that wastes peace, being with them is like recovering your energy in every way. The gossip is not given to them and they are very empathetic, so before expressing any opinion they put themselves in the place of the other. They don’t like drama because they consider that there are more important and beautiful things around us than wasting time on arguments that lead nowhere.

4.- Gemini

Gemini is an expert sign at putting up barriers when dealing with negative people. Although he can be considered distant, he is very respectful. He does not like to talk about people when he is not present and before the drama happens, he prefers to run away no matter what they say. When Gemini makes a decision there is no going back, if they feel that you are subtracting, instead of adding, they will say goodbye.

3.- Sagittarius

The zodiac sign that reminds you of the fun in life, Sagittarius hates having to face conflict, thus hating drama. In addition, they are very independent, they prefer to spend time alone, we are talking about the most adventurous person in the world, they do not have time for gossip or negative energy. Sagittarius is not vindictive, he forgets very quickly and practically the drama slips away.

2.- Pisces

The most sensitive and tender sign of the zodiac. The Pisces personality catches you from the first moment, because they prefer to be silent before issuing an opinion that hurts others. They carry the flag of peace high and are very reserved, so few are those who really know their feelings, they find it difficult to trust the first time. When they can’t control the drama around them, they just slowly walk away.

1.- Libra

Libra hates conflict and hypocrisy , it is an extremely sensitive zodiac sign, so when someone with negative energy comes into their life they can’t stand it. He is one of the people who prefers not to say some things to avoid arguments. But once he realizes that he is betrayed, there is no going back, he is not given that of second chances. Enjoy good talks and family, as long as they have good intentions, otherwise you prefer solitude.


6 Signs That Try To Avoid Drama, Turn The Page

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