6 signs that it’s not big love

Do you know these things from your relationship? Then you should speak to your partner urgently

6 signs that it’s not big love

It was just totally nice between you and then suddenly everything feels strange? Then unfortunately it may be that he has moved away from you, because it may not have been his great love for him. These signs show that your relationship is not (anymore) what you thought it was.

He is no longer listening to you properly

No matter what you tell him, you have to say almost everything twice? A sign that he is not listening to you properly at the moment. Is he just stressed and has other worries or does he no longer love you? You should try to find out.

He prefers to meet his friends rather than you

A clear signal that the partner is just away from you, that he prefers to meet with his friends. Of course, it is perfectly fine and important that he sometimes goes around the houses with his buddies. But if he doesn’t have time for you even if it was important to you, that’s not a good sign.

He no longer kisses you properly

Does he start evading your kisses as the relationship progresses? This is a sign that the closeness to you (just) is not good for him. You should question why this is the case.

It provokes you

You don’t like it when he just makes stupid jokes all the time and you’ve told him that many times. And what about him? It doesn’t stop and the jokes even go under the belt. In doing so, he deliberately provokes them. This is not good.

You hardly have s*x anymore

When s*x is neglected in a relationship, there are usually reasons. If time and stress are not to blame for this and he still no longer wants to be intimate with you, this is a clear sign that his feelings have unfortunately waned for you.

They are ashamed of each other

If you or your partner find yourself feeling ashamed of each other more and more, you should rethink your relationship. In a relationship, it is important to always treat each other with respect and not to back each other. If one is ashamed of the other, this is a clear signal that the relationship has lost value


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