When you find yourself stuck in a close relationship and you start feeling feelings for your boyfriend, the only thing you want is to find a way to make a real relationship.

So, of course, you continue to look for clues and signs that tell you that your hopes and dreams are not in vain.

But unfortunately, often it is so. Here are 6 sad signs that your relationship will never turn into a real relationship, no matter how much you wish it to happen.

1. You only hang out together when he wants


One of the signs that your near relationship is leading nowhere is the fact that you continue to see your almost boyfriend only when it suits him.

He calls you when he has time for you and you run to him every time.

But every time you offer him an activity or just want to see him, he does not accept your invitation.

When you think about it, you only see it once a week and you know it’s not enough for a real relationship.

2. He is not interested in your life


If your near boyfriend shows no interest in you as a person or for your life, I hate to tell you, but it is likely that he sees you only as a s*xual object and nothing more.

This guy never asks you how your day went or if you need help with your problems.

He is not interested in anything you are going through and he knows nothing about you, he makes no effort to get to know you better and these are all clear signs that he does not intend to get your relationship to a higher level.

3. Everything is more important than you


Another sign that your relationship will never become real is the fact that your almost boyfriend never gives you priority. Everything is more important than you for him.

He never canceled his project just once to find you, even when you really needed his presence, while he expects you to do it for him.

It is more than obvious that this man puts you at the bottom of his list of priorities and that he does not intend to change it.

4. It never takes you to dates


When you think about it, you and this guy never went out on a real date. He only calls you when he’s drunk in the evening or late at night.

In addition, you only see yourself at home or at home.

And every time you come up with a fun activity you could both join or invite to go somewhere together, he’s always too busy or shows no interest in spending time with you.

This guy continues to act as if he is hiding you because he never shows you affection in public and it is a clear sign of his intentions with you.

5. He is not interested in meeting your friends and family


So you have been with him for a long time, but he has never met your friends or your family and he has never even tried to introduce you to his relatives.

Whenever you try to introduce him to the people who matter to you, he has some kind of excuse.

Even when you meet someone he knows, he always presents you as a friend.

If this is the case with your relationship, then it is quite clear that it is unlikely to turn into a real relationship.

6. He refuses to label things


At first, this guy probably told you he did not believe in labeling things and did not want to get involved.

I’m sure he also told you how special you are and that he just needs time to understand some things.

And you gave him more than enough time. But after all this time, he still has not made his decision.

He still does not want to name you as his girlfriend and he does not mean that what is between you is a relationship, so it is more than obvious that he will never do it.

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