A long distance relationship is always associated with work. But if you pay attention to a few things, she can still make you very happy. These rules will help you and your partner master the distance

How to master your long-distance relationship

Two people from two different cities – or even different countries – fall in love. Not the ideal situation, but a reason to suppress this feeling is usually not the distance. It does mean, however, that you will have to work much harder to maintain happiness than if you live close together. If you follow the rules below, your long distance relationship can work great.

1. Travel together

It goes without saying that you will visit each other. But a vacation together has a much more important value for your relationship: You see each other for a while and create shared memories that bring you a little closer together. It is also practical if you meet halfway between your two places of residence – then both of you only have to cover half the distance. Incidentally, here you will find the best vacation destinations for every part of the relationship.

2. Talk to each other

Communication is the be-all and end-all, because you don’t have much more over the distance. Share your everyday life with each other even though you don’t live together. Tell yourself what is moving you right now. Also important: use the phone instead of just writing and talk openly about everything, because the distance means that small obstacles quickly become big problems. If you tell each other about all the people you deal with, jealousy won’t stand a chance either.

3. Ignore other people’s talk

There will always be people who cannot understand at all how you master the relationship at a distance and may even want to talk you out of the relationship. Fortunately, only what you and your partner think is important. So just ignore the talk of people who can’t understand your situation.

4. Keep something of your partner with you

For example a T-shirt – preferably unwashed and marked with its scent. This gives a feeling of closeness, helps against loneliness and heartache, and the anticipation is even greater.

5. Don’t compete

Of course, both partners have to invest in the relationship. Perhaps one of them calls more often, but the other takes the long way more often. But putting everything on the gold scales won’t get you any further. Everyone does what they can – financially and in terms of time.

6. Don’t cram your weekends together with appointments

It is better to take time for togetherness. Meeting up with friends can also be refreshing, but you shouldn’t be too busy with your schedule when your partner visits you. Cozy hours for two are nice – and important for the relationship.

In general, you should be willing to invest more than you would in a “normal” relationship. However, a long-distance relationship is also a matter of type. If closeness and time together are most important to you in a relationship and you don’t need much alone time, then you may not be the type for distance love.


6 rules for a good long-distance relationship

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