6 reasons Scorpios are the best friends you can have

6 reasons Scorpios are the best friends you can have

Usually, people don’t recognize a Scorpio as a potential best friend.

Because they are just the way they are, very unpredictable and vengeful.

They are also very closed and are excellent at hiding their true feelings and intentions.

That is also why they are great lovers and workmates.

But friends … somehow many feel that they cannot trust them enough and that their friendship will cost them.

Which is absolutely not the truth, because after all, Scorpios are the most tolerant and indulgent friends.

Because no matter how deeply you hurt them, they forgive you and come back to support you, no matter what.

Not because they are weak, but because they know that man is so profoundly flawed and that broken things should never be thrown away, but can be repaired.

So no, they will never replace you or give up, no matter how much you offend them.

And I even dare say that a Scorpio you hate can turn out to be a better friend than a Virgo you like.

Because they never forget a certain bond and have a deep connection with everything around them.

Even when they are away, they often think of you and still worry about you.

Because you are important to them, even if you are only a small star in their cosmos of emotions.

Eventually, they will realize your pain and the reason you did and said certain things to them.

Therefore they forgive you, because all your screams are a cry for help when they are observed by an omniscient Scorpio.

1. A Scorpio will always forgive you and come back

While Scorpios are known to be vengeful, the truth is that they are also the most forgiving zodiac signs.

Because their propensity to punish others is only a response to the personal attack they receive.

But beyond that, and deep within you, you always have room in your heart to forgive a person.

Because they know that a person’s negative act is the sum of everything that has happened to him in his life.

His personal weakness and nothing that has to do with the Scorpio.

Therefore, they are very careful about the low points in someone’s life and do their best to understand them.

So, even if you do the worst to a Scorpio, chances are they’ll forgive you and make you a better person in their own way.

2. Scorpios are the most loyal friends

In the course of our lives we meet many people, but somehow the Scorpios appear either as a blessing or a lesson.

But one way or another, they teach us something that will accompany us through life and always remind us that human nature is flawed.

Because the person who has been our best friend for years can be the one who betrays us the worst.

Or the person we loved so much could replace us overnight.

Yet Scorpios never work that way, and are very dear to people and the memories that come with them.

If not for life, because they always think back to the time when they spent precious moments with them.

So you never really forget someone and dear people stay present in your life, or at least in your thoughts.

Because they don’t believe in a friendship or love that will ever end.

3. Scorpios sense your needs and respond to them

Scorpios are not superficial friends or those who never care about your feelings.

In fact, they sense your deepest pain, hopes, desires and dreams and say anything you feel without you having to make an effort.

They are able to recognize emotions, lies, and even the things that are not told to anyone.

Because part of their being is a spiritual aspect that knows a little too much than is good for them.

They carry the burden of understanding everything around them, but they also use this as a blessing to help others.

Especially to your friends as soon as they realize they are hiding something that is difficult to share with others.

But their Scorpio friends assure them that it is something they need not be ashamed of.

4. You can learn a lot from Scorpios

Scorpios have a very interesting outlook on life and always stay true to themselves.

They are not easily influenced or pressured to change so that someone will like them.

Because they know that their unapologetic way of being is their strength, and their preference for staying private is their advantage.

In any case, others can learn from them not to be influenced by the opinion of others or to adhere to superficial norms.

After all, life is only a short journey that you have to enjoy to the full.

Because one day we will all look back and regret that we haven’t done more of the things we love instead of wasting our days.

5. A Scorpio will never judge you

Scorpios never judge others as this is their personal fear as well.

Somehow they always have the feeling that they have to live in the shadows, because otherwise others would not accept them.

If you only knew how you really feel inside and what your desires are.

They only dream that one day everyone will get along without having to judge each other.

Because what good can come of it than just pain, whereby we can learn from each other with acceptance.

So by helping those who live in the dark without being strict with them, we can lead them to the light.

6. A Scorpio will always be honest with you

If you want to hear a brutally honest opinion about something in your life then it is always advisable to speak to a Scorpio.

Otherwise, every fire sign offers the same thing, but Scorpios are a whole different story.

Because they give the crudest and most honest opinion that is absolutely devoid of any hope.

So if you come to them to give you false hopes, they won’t because they know how ruthless others can be.

Because sometimes they are themselves, and they will only tell you something that will help you further in life.

So they really teach you to grow out of certain toxic circles that will get you nowhere and never get you anywhere.

But also to become completely free when you accept the truth, which is always better than a complete lie.


6 reasons Scorpios are the best friends you can have

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