6 Reasons Sagittarius Would End A Relationship

Sagittarius are bright, energetic people with a passion for adventure and a curiosity to learn new things. Sagittarians are often known for their honesty, so with them, you will most likely know where you are relatively early on. Here are a few reasons why Sagittarius would end a relationship:

1. Sagittarius are visionaries.
A Sagittarius has his ideals, and when he sees them in danger, he will rethink the relationship from the ground up. Sagittarius are idealistic people in search of the meaning of life. They are interested in education, religion, and the philosophy behind everyday things.

If Sagittarius gets the feeling that a relationship is taking away his vision of life, then he will try to find it elsewhere and distance himself from the relationship. Sagittarius will feel safe where the values ​​for which they live are accepted.

2. Sagittarius loves to learn new things and gain experience.
He loves to learn more about countries, cities, and people, if you are someone who is more of a “couch potato”, then you will never be happy with a Sagittarius. The life of a Sagittarius is shaped by traveling and exploring their surroundings. Sagittarians are people with sophisticated tastes and they don’t mind getting to know exotic foods and cultures.

Sagittarius needs someone who is more than what people see in you, they dig deep and the surface is something that is more of a deterrent. The Sagittarius sees the distant horizon and wonders what is behind it, and then he packs his things and goes to explore what is beyond the horizon, that is the Sagittarius.

3. Sagittarius respects education. But he himself is a free thinker and his education often does not only consist of the classic school education, a Sagittarius develops much more in the course of life and if you are someone who does not want to develop further, he will act as a “brake.” “Watch and not really stay with you. In a certain way, the Sagittarius is always looking for new perspectives or is eager to learn new skills. If he has nothing to do, he can even become restless because he is missing something that he himself does not know what it really is.

4. Sagittarius are adventurers through and through.
They don’t mind spending a lot of time looking for adventure on their own. A Sagittarius, if he has lost interest in a partnership, can go into business for himself overnight as he usually doesn’t have to have a partner to be satisfied. As long as new energy flows into his life, his life is fine with him. And he likes to take care of this new energy himself.

5. Long emotional arguments drag the Sagittarius down.
Sagittarius is known to be a positive zodiac sign, and if they feel they can help you by positively affecting your mood, then they will. Because they are considered optimistic people who can be dramatic and wild themselves, but they don’t let go straight away. But should a Sagittarius notice that negativity is gaining the upper hand in a relationship, he will leave when he realizes that his energy and time have been wasted in this relationship?

6. Sagittarius is a free spirit.
Sagittarius wants to experience life in many different ways that, once you realize that a relationship is “a lot of work” for you, you move away from it. At the same time, Sagittarius is also a fire sign and therefore passionate if you are interested in a relationship. A Sagittarius when he is in love, it is very difficult for him to break out of a partnership, but as long as he is not really in love, he can leave relatively easily without worrying too much about it. He’s just a free spirit, someone who doesn’t set any limits and just lives his life. Sagittarius needs a partner who understands their individuality. Someone who understands that Sagittarius loves life and its freedom and is reluctant to enter into a relationship that narrows them down.


6 Reasons Sagittarius Would End A Relationship

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