While you can defend yourself and fight if you are in a hurry, you are much more of a pacifist than a warrior, and that position is exactly what makes you a Zen student. You take the time to open up to your environment, you care about your environment and the materialistic things in your life all have one goal: to bring you peace and calm. You are the person who holds an altar, adores pagan goddesses and honour nature, and you feel they honour you in return. Life is balanced with you, Cancer, and you work hard to maintain what you have worked for. The day begins with your gratitude and ends with your gratitude. You are a truly peaceful and Zen person.


Reputed to be the most powerful and demanding sign of the zodiac, you also know that efforts must be accompanied by downtime. However, your downtime is very special because it’s not just about “taking off from work”; it’s setting aside the time to be yourself, with no one else around. You like to devote yourself to the ritual; whether religious or not, you are someone who finds great peace in rehearsing, singing, reading the scriptures, and studying ancient wisdom. You take ledgers and use the lessons in your everyday life. You are determined to find peace in your life, and with proper attention and discipline, you usually find what you are looking for, Capricorn.


You are a loner, and sometimes completely alone, but you have perfected this state of loneliness by making a declaration of peace and silence. You know you did wrong, and you also know that it doesn’t help you spend your life in regret, so luckily you know how to get out of a funk. Your goal is peace; you will meditate and sing to transcend the mundane world. You may not always be doing the right thing to people, but your guilt complex is so large that it has forced you to think about yourself; in this state, you are doing your best. You are all potential, Libra. And once you find peace, you can keep it all your life.


Life has been difficult for you, Aquarius, and you won’t rest and relaxation. But in addition, you want peace. It’s in your nature. You are the person doing a hajj or a pilgrimage. You will leave your environment to find Shangri-la, higher ground; you are the very person who will seek enlightenment in a distant place because you know you need change. You accept the idea of ​​change, and although it is difficult, you are ready. You may end up living in an ashram or working on a farm. The community is a beautiful thing for you, as long as all the actors have a common mission: to live in peace and harmony.


Gemini, you always want the most peaceful route, and you spend an enormous amount of time trying to find this place of peace. You rarely get into an argument, just because you feel it wastes both parties’ time. You don’t like letting the other person “win”, but if that means you can keep your reason by “bending”, then bend yourself. You respect your peace of mind as well as your personal space. You like to keep your body and mind clean, which also translates into your living conditions. You are the person who will grow this Bonzai tree for years and years. And why? Because its simplicity rewards you much more than winning an argument with anyone.


As social as you are, Pisces, you are also someone who seriously aspires to time alone. In this case, “time alone” does not necessarily mean taking care of yourself and doing things for yourself; it means taking time out of the crowd to regroup and remain silent. Your life is filled with nonstop noise, endless demands and overt dramas; you are looking for comfort in contemplative things, such as gardening or decoration. You are the person in this rock garden, shifting the sand into patterns. You shock your friends and family with your desire to be alone when everyone sees you as the social butterfly. But the truth is, you want a Zen lifestyle – Koi fish in a pond, that sort of thing. You will have it, peaceful Pisces … you will.


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