In order to avoid once and for all the narcissistic jacks, it is important to recognize certain traits and characteristics they all share, which will allow us to better notice them and move away from them in the future.

Sometimes it is easier to close your eyes and hope that you will be spared the sorrow of love and deception, but unfortunately, this is not true most of the time.

I’m sure you had the misfortune to meet at least one guy with narcissistic tendencies in life so far that upset you and made you regret meeting him.

They seem to be everywhere nowadays, and the more you try to be cautious and avoid them, the more they seem to be attracted to you. It’s like a vicious circle that you can not go out of …

Narcissists have a way of dragging you into their web of lies and manipulations with such ease that you simply can not blame yourself if you end up getting fooled.

They never appear as they are at first sight.

They wear a mask until they know you’re hooked, and that’s where their true face finally appears.

In order to help you stop falling into the trap of these sociopathic truducts, here are the most common qualities that all narcissists share.

This should help you recognize them in time and save you from the misery and inevitable regrets.

1. They do not care what they make you feel

To make people suffer brings them joy. They may try to hide it, but they rarely succeed.

Not only your narcissist does not give a fuck if his actions or his words hurt you, but in addition, he will be happy to do it!

It’s like essence for them. The more they see you react negatively to something they have done, the happier and happier they are.

He will often do whatever it takes to hurt you, just to be happy.

It’s sick and crooked and if you notice that your guy is doing it secretly. Drop this asshole right away.

2. They will never regret their crappy actions

This is their area of ​​expertise. No matter how crap they do, they will convince themselves that they are right.

And in their head, they do not do anything wrong, because they are just better than you.

No matter how bad it has affected you or anyone else, they do not believe in excuses and they will never show any signs of regret for what they have done to you.

And if you ever hear ” I’m sorry ” from them, it will be the most false excuses you’ve ever heard! They will make sure you notice how they do not think so.

3. They are like a time bomb (you never know when it will explode!)

Basically, narcissists are extremely vulnerable in the sense that the slightest thing could upset them beyond words and push them into rage.

They may seem calm at first glance, but a single word awry and they will go off like crazy.

You always wonder if the next thing you say or do will be the thing that will trigger them and you are always secretly afraid because you do not know how badly they can react.

They have so much pent-up anger inside that he’s never sure to upset them.

And if you’re thinking of leaving, you know very well how crazy it might be, so you do what they say and you try to keep them happy at your own expense.

4. They make it quite a dish

They are known to believe they are better than anyone else, and they will invent stories that will make them appear that way to convince you.

They are masters of manipulation and they can turn any story into an event of a lifetime, intriguing you so much that you will believe it’s true, which in fact is rarely the case.

5. They make you feel useless and unable to do anything right

As if it was not already a complete nightmare to be with them, they will do their utmost to show you how much you are useless shit and to bury you even deeper in pity and despair.

No matter how much you try to please your narcissist, nothing you do is ever right and even if they do, they will never admit it.

All they do is give you the impression that nothing you do is enough, and that’s just because they need to keep you nearby.

If they made you feel good about yourself, they might give you the courage and confidence to realize that you are better than that.

So they make you feel like shit to make you stay, knowing that you can not find better than them.

6. They secretly control everything you do

They are extremely manipulative, and there is nothing you can do without asking them first.

They make you feel guilty if you make plans with your friends without consulting them, and you always end up asking for their permission for the most mundane things.

You can not go out of the house without telling them exactly where you will be and with whom, and even after that, you must contact them every hour.

You feel trapped and controlled, but you worry that if you resist them, it will only make things worse.

You are essentially under their control, and you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If this is your reality and you recognize one of these cruel traits, you are dealing with a master manipulator with narcissistic tendencies, and you must run away as soon as possible.

Do not be afraid to ask for help and do what is best for you. Good luck !

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