Cancer patients spend a lot of time doing what is right and what is right for them. Eating disorders appear regularly with this sign and last a lifetime. No one spends more time wondering if their diet is on the right track or if their weight is acceptable. They don’t believe in diets but spend their lives trying to find ways to lose weight. Cancer will not listen to criticism because it does not trust any opinion other than its own, but it does not hesitate to judge itself harshly as being “everything it does not want to be”.


Pisces want everything to go well all the time, and when it doesn’t, they take responsibility and assume that everything that went wrong is their fault. Self-pity and complacency are no strangers to Pisces, and it all stems from a deep need to judge others and themselves. You may have done wrong, but for Pisces, it’s not half as bad as they did. All judgment is on Pisces, who find strange cold comfort by feeling bad for themselves, even without hope.


The Virgin goes through life dragging a ton of guilt, whatever they do. They do not judge themselves as a bad person, nor as such or such; they judge themselves too much when they think they have hurt someone. Then it’s a party of guilt, a real riot of hateful contrition. When the Virgin feels that they did the wrong thing, you can kiss them goodbye as they will get lost in the indulgence of self-pity and licking wounds. “I am such a bad friend. ”


Libra tends to focus on looks, and when they are not happy with what they see in the mirror, they usually take it out of the world. Balances do not feel confident or confident in their appearance, so they overcompensate by flattering everyone around them. They feel that if they compliment others, their own physical flaws could be forgiven or even overlooked. They are harsh self-judges and they use the fuel of self-hatred to get by in this life.


Although this sign gives birth to some of the most confident people on the planet, the irony is that it also provokes the most neurotic and most conscious people in the body. Taurus is never satisfied with his appearance, even when he is remarkably handsome. This lack of self-esteem is only related to physicality, as they are confident in all other areas. If you hug a Taurus they will feel where you hugged them afterwards, just to make sure you are hugging an attractive spot on their body.


Because Capricorn knows what is right and what is wrong, judgment is swift and furious, and it is always pointed out. They don’t like to fail and hate to admit their mistakes. You won’t find many excuses from your Capricorn friends, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel contrite; they do, but they can’t get out of their own sense of the law. They have high self-esteem, so when they mess up, they become ballistic and all of their ammo is used to hurt themselves. You may not know it, but in private, Capricorn is severely critical by itself.


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