2020 might be luckier for some zodiac signs when it comes to finding love. The New Year is the perfect time for people to realize what they are looking for in a partner and be open to new experiences. If you have been dating and meeting new and interesting people, don’t stop doing it because you could find lasting love. You might fall deeply in love and that person might just be your soulmate.

Are you one of the lucky five zodiac signs who will find love in 2020?

1. Aries

The usually ambitious and forward Aries might be presented with an opportunity where they find themselves comfortable with being vulnerable. You might meet someone who makes you feel safe and protected. While these are not words that are normally part of your life, as taking chances is who you are, in 2020 you might find a softer side. Since being open is not that something which comes naturally to Aries, you might have to make an effort on this front. Once you find the right person, you would know because of how comfortable you are around them.

2. Gemini

The charming and social Gemini is surrounded by admirers more often than not but finding lasting relationships might not be their strong suit. The summer of 2020 will bring more interesting folks your way. You might feel an instant connection with a few of them but if you are someone who is looking for a longterm partner, it changes the game. Being aware of what you want in a partner will help in realizing who among the suitors is the perfect one for you. The reins for making your own love story is in your hands.

3. Virgo

The stable and calm Virgo is in for an exciting year in 2020. You will have some luck coming your way but also adventure and enjoyment, both of which are important for a new relationship. Staying positive and open to new people will have many benefits for you in 2020. Finding a partner could be as easy as letting yourself speak to the attractive stranger while you go grocery shopping or you could intentionally put yourself out there too.

4. Scorpio

2020 will be a time of passion for Scorpio, which you have enough of within you. The New Year will be all about allowing others to see who you are behind your tough exterior. People probably find you attractive, mysterious and a little intimidating. When you let your guard down and be part of new experiences, people will start approaching you more as they will feel comfortable around you. Once you let them in, the passion is going to soar in your life, intense Scorpio.

5. Capricorn

You have probably been busy taking care of others in 2019 and did not get the chance to meet many new people. It’s time to focus on yourself now and finding new areas of interest will become a priority. You will meet interesting people through these new avenues. When you meet the right person, it is going to be a longterm relationship for the commitment-focused Capricorn. There will be excitement and joy after the few difficult years you have had.


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