5 Zodiac Signs Who Will Cheat On Their Partner In 2023

Cheat On Their Partner

5 Zodiac Signs Who Will Cheat On Their Partner In 2023

Unfortunately, some relationships may end unhappily in 2023 as one of the partners may not be faithful. According to astrology, there are 5 zodiac signs that are more prone to cheating on their partner this year. 

Many people who are in a relationship fear one thing above all – being cheated on or betrayed by their partner. Of course, it’s terrifying to find out that your partner is also with someone else or thinking about someone else all the time.

It doesn’t matter to many whether it’s a physical or emotional betrayal. Because the pain is the same for them.

Maybe it’s happened to you before or maybe you’re in a relationship right now where you’re not sure if your partner is faithful to you. Or, you are still looking for a suitable partner and definitely don’t want to be with someone who is dishonest.

In that case, astrology could help you. She reveals to you the 5 zodiac signs that tend to be unfaithful in this year 2023 and that you should pay particular attention to or avoid right from the start.

Find out what they are!


Aries may not even need a reason to cheat in 2023: when they see something or someone they want, they tend to forget their promises and responsibilities to other people.

However, predictable routines are sure to make Aries restless. So if you’re worried about your Aries betraying you, try to keep him on his toes with surprises.

The hot-headed Aries is full of energy and loves attention. If he feels ignored or neglected, he can easily be misled by someone else. However, Aries may also be cheating on their partner this coming year to keep things exciting. 

He wants everything during this time and unfortunately, he doesn’t appreciate the loyalty and unwavering devotion of the person who loves him. He is only interested in his freedoms and his own ego.


Libra is very sensitive to any kind of imbalance in this year 2023, especially in their relationships. She needs a partner who is her equal in everything, someone who can complement her.

If Libra feels like the two of you just aren’t a good match, she will look for someone who is a better match for her and she probably won’t take the step and end the relationship first. Because on the other hand, she wants to keep the back door open. 

Don’t try to change your whole personality just to please Libra. Libras themselves don’t quite know what they want this coming year and will probably be willing to cheat on a loved one. 

Your body says yes, but your heart says no. That’s good – but it’s probably not enough. Libras need to learn to listen to their gut instincts because while they want an adventure, they don’t want to hurt anyone. But whenever we cheat in a committed relationship, we end up breaking a heart — or breaking a relationship in two.

You know how it goes, once a cheater always a cheater, and you don’t want to start this unhappy lifestyle.


Aquarius will not start cheating on a whim in 2023. When Aquarians make a promise, they take it seriously and usually stick to it. However, only up to a certain point. As soon as they start to feel trapped, they throw their principles overboard – and that’s exactly what could happen this coming year. 

If you should be dating an Aquarius, you need to know that they need alone time, and when they want company, they don’t want to be told who they can and can’t hang out with.

Aquarius hates clingy, needy partners who can’t give them room to breathe. If he feels he is not getting space, he may view cheating as an act of self-preservation.

The proud and unpredictable Aquarius personality is in love with justice and the greater good. Because of this, he believes he is right when he hooks up with someone else behind your back.


As we all know, this sign is associated with passion, and it’s rare to find a Scorpio who doesn’t at least dream of sleeping with another person every now and then.

With their passionate, secretive nature and love for drama, this 2023 Scorpio could be cheating on their partner just to keep things interesting and to feel a sense of excitement. Can you bring enough drama and intensity into your Scorpio’s life to keep them intrigued and loyal? Why would you even do this to yourself?

The Scorpio personality can be easily persuaded by the idea of ​​a secret romance and you should realize that the risk of it is much higher this year than usual. Scorpio will be an even bigger secret keeper than usual.


Above all, Virgo wants to feel useful and needed in the coming year. Her compulsion to fix everyone makes her vulnerable to anyone with a sad history, and sometimes these platonic relationships can get much more intense than Virgo anticipated.

Normally Virgo doesn’t tend to look for opportunities to cheat, but this year she often finds herself in a situation where it seems like she has no choice.

Grounded and sensible, Virgo might cheat to get out of a relationship in which she is unhappy. She can easily fall in love with a new crush or lover, but she probably doesn’t have the nerve to go out and actually cheat on her partner. It will probably be more of an online affair. 

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