The New Moon in Capricorn on December 26 will be a time full of energy and drive, just like the zodiac sign it falls under. If you want to take up new projects, this is the right time. Buzzing with ideas, being dynamic, and ready-to-go are only a few things you are going to be during this time. The Full Moon fifteen days later will help you come into your own with the new things that you want to start.

However, for some of the zodiac signs, this will also be an intensely emotional time too. If you are an Earth sign, you will be among those affected, but you wouldn’t be the only ones. If you want to know who is going to have an emotional encounter with themselves in the latter part of December 2019, read on.

1. Taurus

The New Moon in Capricorn, a fellow Earth sign, is asking you to come to terms with the emotional moments of 2019. This is a good time to evaluate all the highs and lows of 2019 and learn from them. You are a stable sign that likes the status quo but you might want to take the road not taken in 2020. The New Moon is the perfect time to figure out if 2020 is the right time for you to make some changes in your life. While keeping things as it is maybe comfortable, going out of your comfort zone might be how you become comfortable with yourself.

2. Virgo

Another fellow Earth sign, you might be forced to come to terms with your flaws and strengths during this time. Your emotions will run high but worry not because this tidal wave will pass. It’s possible that you have been feeling a little alone and isolated in 2019, but that is going to change in 2020. Your emotional life will be rich thanks to the new people you meet, including a potential love interest. The next year is going to be all about keeping your heart open and ready to soar.

3. Libra

With the earthy Capricorn’s energy around, Libra, an Air sign, will feel its influence in their life. You will feel more grounded and have thoughts of the future on your mind. You might want to put down roots with the person in your life currently. While the past year may have been interesting and exciting, the upcoming one will be all about domestic bliss. You may have to learn to cope with your new living situation and it would be more about creating a safe place for yourself. Your emotional connection with your partner will be reenergized during this time.

4. Capricorn

December will be the second New Moon/Solar Eclipse in your sign in 2019, and what a year it has been. A complete roller coaster of emotions and it is still ongoing. The practical part of you has been trying to understand the inner changes and growth in the last few months and you are now ready. You are ready to attain anything that you want now and it is going to be a year full of opportunities for you. Everything that you had visualized for yourself will begin to come true now.

5. Pisces

You have a hard job coming up for you, dear Pisces, the sensitive soul. You are cherished and loved but you probably also have a lot of negative energy around you. The New Moon is the time to figure out who are those in your life that aren’t supportive or understanding of you. Do you want to continue having those who are not on your team? This is something you may have to think long and hard about in December.


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