5 zodiac signs who are the worst liars

Could astrology have anything to do with how you lie, whether you are a gifted liar or the absolute worst liar?

Yes, the zodiac signs who are the worst liars are pretty obvious when you look at their personalities.

Because the zodiac sign we are born under can affect many things about us, including our ability to lie.

For some people, it’s okay to lie occasionally, especially if it prevents someone from getting hurt, while others find that even lying for good reason is a tricky path and can lead to more trouble.

For most people, the more you lie, the better you cope with it. However, sometimes people are just plain bad liars, and no matter how many times they lie, they never get better.

They have clues to give them away. Perhaps her eyes shift to one side more than the other, or her voice breaks.

But the most successful lie is not always spontaneous; in fact, the reason some people are bad liars is because they haven’t done the proper preparation.

1. Capricorn

Capricorns hate lying, and when they feel compelled to lie, they screw up their timing.

It takes them too long to tell their lie. Why is it taking so long?

First, they have to choose to lie, which means constant back and forth on their minds.

Then they have to come up with something that is at least a little believable, so that by the time the falsehood comes out of their mouth, it will be obvious to all that they are lying.

2. Aries

Aries has the opposite problem of Capricorn – they react too quickly and don’t care too much about what they’re going to say, so it seems confusing.

Aries don’t have much impulse control, so if they feel the need to say something honest, even if that bit of truth can cause them a lot of trouble, it will be hard for them to prevent.

If they’re lying, they haven’t thought it through and it just doesn’t make sense.

3. Fish

Pisces feel terrible when they lie and show their emotions all over their faces.

Pisces are very expressive, which is a wonderful quality when communicating honestly, but it’s a huge red flag when trying to lie by the grain.

Her words tell a story, and her face tells a contradicting story with its expression.

In addition, the lie will weigh on the fish until they clear the table and still tell the truth. They don’t have a poker face at all.

4. Virgo

You’d think that Virgos could at least lie well because they were thinking through their story, doing the necessary research, and even trying to get themselves to believe them.

What she reveals is her tone of voice, which is either monotonous or really erratic.

Virgos want their lies under control, but they are either too controlled or have no control at all.

5. Leo

Leos are a very straight forward sign and are comfortable telling the truth.

So when they try to lie, not only does it feel forced and strange, but it also comes across as wrong.

Then, if the person they are speaking to asks any kind of probing questions, Lions will be completely thrown off the rails and will no longer be able to keep their words and details straight.


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