These 5 zodiac signs will most likely end alone

There are 5 zodiac signs that are particularly difficult in terms of relationships and therefore will most likely go out without a partner in the long run. You can find out what these are in this article.


Since Aquarius is considered the spirit among the zodiac signs, it is likely that he will end up alone. It is high on the list of zodiac signs that will most likely end up alone. 

In addition, Aquarius has great self-esteem and will have problems adapting to other people or making compromises for others. It’s no surprise that he is alone most of the time. Although he actually wants to connect with someone and is looking for a soul that resembles his own.

However, he closes very quickly as soon as he gets the feeling that he is revealing too much of himself. In this way, he tries to protect himself. This also makes it extremely difficult for him to establish a deep connection with someone.


Capricorns love their careers and would always choose them over other things. That is why deep relationships with people have little space in their lives. In addition, ibexes are particularly resentful. They work hard and have high standards. They are hard to forgive for mistakes because they put great emphasis on doing everything perfectly. This often makes ibexes difficult to make commitments. 

While they are loyal partners and take care of other people around them, they always want you to live by their rules and share their values. If you like to compromise, the Capricorn may be ideal for you. Otherwise, you shouldn’t have too high expectations for him. Because it won’t change or bend for you. Capricorns prefer to do their own thing without having to be considerate of others. That’s why they usually end up alone.


The virgin is very critical and even somewhat negative in some ways. They worry about everything and everyone and quickly transfer their worries to other people around them. Since they live strongly in their own heads and strive for perfectionism, they are less suitable for relationships. Because everything does not always go according to plan.

The good thing is that virgins want the best for the people they love. They’ll give you space when you need it, and in the worst case, they’ll even let you go because they love you. Virgins can reduce their own needs and be fully there for you.

However, you have to live with the fact that they are obsessed with improving things and constantly looking for solutions, whether you like it or not. You will get the feeling that your relationship can never be optimal and that your partner cannot accept it as it is. He will always think that something is wrong and will try to perfect it.


The ram is known for its passion and dedication. He knows exactly what he wants and he takes it as soon as he gets the chance. Unfortunately, this also has its downsides. Because sometimes the ram overestimates itself and takes on too much. He sometimes dares to do things he is not up to and then overturns with it. This also applies to its partnerships 

The ram often has high expectations at the beginning of a relationship and assumes that all of these expectations will soon be met. But the truth is that no one can meet these expectations. Therefore, he will be disappointed by his partner after a short time. They get bored very quickly. Then they move on and plunge headlong into the next adventure. This cycle can go on like this all its life if things go badly. Therefore it is very likely that in the end, he will be alone and without a partner.


Bulls are known to be stubborn creatures and it can be tough to be in a relationship with them. You have to get used to their stubbornness first and come to terms with the fact that they always have small defiant phases. Not many people really want to deal with this behavior and therefore avoid personalities with the zodiac sign Taurus.

On the other hand, bulls are very loyal and needy. They want to feel safe at all costs and are therefore looking for protection and care in their relationships. A bull will always question his actions. Because he wants to make sure that what he does is worth the effort. Many people have a lot of fun with a bull at the beginning of the relationship.

After a while, however, they realize how dependent and in need he really is. Some people are simply overwhelmed with it and then quickly end it again. If the bull fails to maintain its independence during a relationship, it may not find a suitable partner and may end up standing alone.


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