Pisces are going over budget because they are too kind and generous. If someone needs help, especially financially, Pisces will give it to them. These are people who would give the last ten euros to someone instead of keeping them for themselves. When they go over budget, they tend to forget to take notes, so they don’t have the correct total in mind. When they realize their budget, it’s not even close to the correct amount.




Sagittarius is very optimistic but not always realistic. He will establish a budget that has nothing to do with his actual finances. These people want to put their savings aside and have a budget. They, therefore, set very difficult objectives to achieve. Their intentions are good but they are preparing to fail. They need to take a hard look at their finances and expenses and work out a budget they can stick to.



Scales have an impulse buying problem and when they buy something that was not planned, they forget to write it down. If they don’t follow their budget and don’t make adjustments, they end up with a big drop in money which makes them frustrated. By not monitoring their expenses, they will never be able to work with their budget.



Gemini loses a lot of memory and honestly forgets that they even have a budget. They may have a budget when they have to take charge of their finances and be responsible, and then forget when they are busy. In other words, their budget depends on their mood. And if they feel they need treatment or give up, this budget will be thrown out the window.



Aries always goes beyond the budget because it meets his confusing needs and wants. He doesn’t realize that he doesn’t really need this new pair of shoes: they want them. Aries can rationalize his purchases all day, but the truth is, when he buys everything he wants but is not expected, he will spend too much. When this happens month after month, you have to change or abandon your budget.




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