5 zodiac signs that always fall in love with people who cannot have them

5 zodiac signs that always fall in love with people who cannot have them

If someone is not healed internally or has problems with self-esteem, they will consciously or unconsciously put themselves in a situation that has an adverse effect on their well-being. If you’re afraid of intimacy or change, you can fall in love with people who aren’t interested or aren’t available. Some people cannot digest the fact that there can be someone who does not reciprocate their feelings. They feel like they have a special power that can make anyone fall in love with them.

If your love never really works, your zodiac sign could be to blame. Have you ever thought about it? The following 5 zodiac signs are known to particularly fall in love with people who cannot have them. Are you one of them?


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Sagittarius is a fire sign. They are adventurous and are considered the discoverers. In fact, they are the world travelers of the star signs. Their fearlessness and curiosity lead them to the remotest corner of the world. They believe in miracles and nothing is impossible for them.

The downside is that they sometimes stretch their optimism too far and may fall in love with idols and celebrities they can never have. Sometimes it may seem that you live in your own fantasy world and do not really perceive reality. That is why they do not notice if their counterpart does not return their feelings.


If one feels to be the leader of the zodiac sign, it is the ram. He was born for it because he is more selfish and brave. He thinks he can have anything and everything no matter what he wants. If this does not work, the ram may react with stubbornness. He wants to convince his new acquaintance so much that he almost scares them off with his pushy manner.

Aries are so strong, brave and daring that they think they can get everything they see. They simply get into conflict with themselves when they come across someone who doesn’t respond to their love. And they think that with their perseverance and persuasiveness, they can make the other person fall in love with them.


We all know that fish are very sensitive. They also often dream of themselves. This helps them escape from reality and dive into their dream world. A fish doesn’t like a negative mood. He endures it very badly and usually tries to escape when it gets complicated. On the other hand, he wants to love and lots of romance.

However, the topic of love also stresses him a lot. That is why he keeps falling for people who are not really interested in fish. And since the fish is a good-natured creature, it is not uncommon for it to be exploited. The fish is also a creative watermark. He is gentle, wise and compassionate, but tends to have his head in clouds.

This makes him highly vulnerable to addictions. In general, he doesn’t like loneliness and is desperately looking for a steady partner that he can rely on. Unfortunately, this despair doesn’t get him anywhere – on the contrary. It can even be very unattractive to other people.


The bull also longs for closeness and love. He actually searches for it continuously and is also very stubborn. He can’t stand the fact that there are people who don’t like him or aren’t interested in him. With his stubbornness, he literally wants to force his head through the wall and things.

Then he just keeps trying. He fights on his own, which usually means that he ends up standing alone.   But bulls are actually excellent relationship partners. You are grounded, reliable and loyal. They really crave sensuality, intimacy, and love and are looking for passion. But they are used to getting what they want.

They will try to persuade their counterpart even if they don’t even notice their existence. It is important to them that in the end, they can say that they have at least tried. 


Cancer is a watermark and its ruling planet is the moon. It is the most sensitive of all zodiac signs. Crayfish are loving, caring and compassionate people. They have an innate longing for care and they value their family and relationships very much.

Their sensitive nature often puts them in situations where they fall in love with people who are unavailable or just too busy. They are natural givers and it can take a long time before they learn to put their needs above others. Until then, it can happen that they fall in love again and again with people they can never really have.


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