In the early stages of a connection, almost all of us find it easy to take care of our counterparts. Regardless of whether it is friendship, acquaintance, or partnership, we usually shower the other with attention and niceties. But after the years this fades more and more and you feel in a safe haven. However, this is exactly the phase when it is even more important to keep a relationship alive. You can find out how this works in this article.

Keeping a relationship alive: this is how it works

If you listen actively and you are genuinely interested in the life of the other person, they will notice that too. You probably know that about yourself: the more understood you feel, the more you open up. This also means that you can show yourself who you really are. A relationship made up of two living individuals is also dynamic. So the best way to keep a relationship alive is to be it in spirit and in action.

Show openness

Have you ever approached another person with full enthusiasm and they were absolutely not open to it? You are sure to be familiar with situations like this when you were beaming with joy and burned for something and the other person couldn’t get anything out of it. An important prerequisite for keeping a relationship alive is to be open . Regardless of whether it’s about your partner’s ideas or about getting infected by positive vibes. Openness enlivens a long-term relationship, like water a flower.

Time together

After years it is not only important that you spend time together, but also how you do it. Do you just sit together in front of the television? Or is the shared hobby passive and boring? The magic formula is: Everyone should spend time with friends or alone, and the time spent together should be of quality . So plan enough time each week for the relationships that are important to you . You can also think of activities that keep the relationship alive rather than putting it to sleep.

Keep the relationship alive and try new things

Trying new things is exciting: for you, for others and for a connection. Everyone knows that: You don’t achieve new goals on old ways and, above all, you don’t gain new energy. However, if you dare to do new things from time to time , it will bring something exciting to your partnership, or friendship. Together with your friend, think about what the two of you have not done yet, but would like to experience. Then it should be implemented soon so that the plan is not forgotten or discarded.

Surprises and spontaneity

Does your partner have a spontaneous idea? But so far you haven’t been able to get a lot from it? Then try to be happy about it and pursue spontaneity . In addition, there is hardly a person who is not happy about nice surprises. So think about how you could do your friend some good and surprise him.

As you can see, there are a few ways you can keep your connections alive. It is important that you do not think or talk much, but actually act . Because with empty words and little action, many a partnership has fallen asleep. So make your contribution to keeping your relationship alive: for yourself and your partner.


5 Ways To Keep A Relationship Alive

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