5 Truths About Giving Your Heart To A Capricorn Woman

Ambitious, hard-working, and cautious. Capricorn is a woman who prefers to go through life with a shell, has well-defined limits, and does not allow anyone to touch her heart. She is the one who has a spiritual side but is also a perfectionist, she is not perfect and there are 5 truths about giving her heart to a Capricorn woman, not everyone is prepared for something so real.

Capricorn is the sign of Earth, it is the one that does not give up, the one that persists even though the sweat of each battle takes away its strength. She is loyal, methodical, and has honesty in her eyes. She is the woman who fights for her goals, the one who is not distracted by someone else’s convictions. She is the one who plans, and dreams and sets her impulses in motion to make them come true.

5 truths about giving your heart to a Capricorn woman

There are few who can stay by her side because she is a selective woman. She is not the one who is waiting for you to change something you promised her, if something bothers her she prefers to turn the page on her, even if her heartaches and it costs her days of tears. She is crazy but with her feet on Earth and if you want to start something with her you have to know the following.

5.- Look high

Capricorn’s standards are high, they don’t like to settle or pretend to be happy. She is a woman who is looking for much more than status, she wants someone who is worthwhile. A company that inspires her, that admires her, and that she has no intention of stopping her flight. Someone with whom she can have intelligent talks, with whom she talks about the future, about projects, someone who contributes in every way, not someone who subtracts.

4.- Never stop

Capricorn’s agenda is always full because it is a very active sign, which has a very strong link with the work part. Therefore, he is always looking for stability, to invest his time to have a good future. She is the one who undertakes, the one who learns, the one who does not give up. Don’t try to blackmail her because she’s not going to stop unless she believes it.

3.- Too honest

Capricorn is not the woman who is going to tell you nice words all the time, she does not have the need to embellish reality. She is the one who will look you in the face and honestly tell you what she thinks, even if it is somewhat painful. She can’t stand fake people or appearances, when she feels that kind of vibe, she walks away from her and you don’t even realize when you can’t get her back.

2.- Competitive

If you are going to give your heart to Capricorn, you have to know that his middle name is competition. She is a complex woman with unstoppable intellectual power. She fights with herself, every time she sets better goals. And if we add to that the proud side of her, she doesn’t give up, she works very hard to become someone better and she wants someone who is there to pick her up when everything goes wrong.

1.- Commits

Capricorn is the woman who does not beat around the bush, when she starts a relationship it is because she has already analyzed the pros and cons. She is someone reliable, who honors loyalty and likes to give herself deeply. If you betray her, forget about her giving you a second chance. She is the one who does not play, the one who wants to make you feel good in every way and she expects the same from you.


5 Truths About Giving Your Heart To A Capricorn Woman

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