5 things that men do when they are really in love

I can not help but turn my eyes every time I see a video or photo on Facebook showing the exaggerated affection of a man for his partner. You know what kind of variety I’m talking about – the expensive and elaborate dinners and jewellery surprises.

I mean, do not get me wrong, I’m happy for the couples. But these epic expressions of love have just raised the bar. People are starting to build great expectations of what a man’s love should look like. This means that our sincere attempts to express affection often go unnoticed – or worse, go unnoticed.

Here are 5 ways the average man lets his wife know that he loves her.

These things can not compare to a hefty price tag or thousands of Facebook likes, but hey – life is all about the simple stuff, right?

1. He shows respect.

That’s the basis for everything that follows afterwards. If a man does not respect the woman he is with – if he sees her as an object to fulfil his fantasies or make him feel like he has them – he does not love her. He may long for her – but not love.

If a man truly reveres his partner, they are equal in his eyes. He does not speak to her as someone who obeys orders or bow to his will and values, but as someone with valid ideas, views, and feelings.

2. He is honest.

There are many men out there who can wear a really compelling mask. They say exactly what they want to make them look like the perfect man.

But if a man really loves a woman, that’s not even an option. He will not just “play along” on dates to crawl into her panties. He will stand by his values, even if she pulls him in the opposite direction.

Why? Because he values ​​the value of honesty in a relationship. He will not mislead his partner just to disappoint her. He loves her, so he is honest and open.

Dear men, if you feel that you have every reason to be anything but honest and open with a serious partner, then you are probably in the wrong relationship.

3. He remembers important things.

A man in love never forgets the most important things about his partner. He remembers what kind of coffee she likes and what her favourite song is. Of course, he remembers her birthday and her anniversary.

Why not? Love is one of the most obsessed natural human behaviours. This is actually healthy – as long as love is mutual.

4. He tries to be a better person.

Love can make even the most sloppy guys handle their deeds. It’s not that he wants to flatter his partner with a false impression. He only appreciates her so much that he only wants to subject her to his best self.

In other words, if a man is in love, he truly wants to become a better person. He knows his partner deserves it.

5. He will fight.

If a man is willing to settle in love, he will have had about six relationships. Seriously, people have dealt with this topic.

These 6 women will disappear from his life relatively quickly. The truth is, he probably did not fight very hard to keep her close. He probably did not think too deeply about whether he could make it through the hard times of these “relationships” or work to fix his mistakes.

The only woman a man can do such a thing for is a man he loves. He knows that true love is not easily interchangeable. He knows that if he lets the love of his life go, he may never again find a wife like her. So he fights.


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