5 things he does when he thinks he is going to lose you

5 things he does when he thinks he is going to lose you

Has there ever been a situation in your life in which your partnership threatened to fall apart? Maybe you didn’t know how you got there or why everything suddenly stopped working. And you wondered how he could realize he was losing you. You wanted him to realize that if he continued to act like you did before, you would leave. 

So how do you know he’s realizing this? When do you know for sure that he really got it and stopped acting like an idiot because he realized that the relationship is on the brink.

Here are 5 things he’ll do if he thinks he’s about to lose you:

1. He will show his emotional side

He will certainly show himself from a side that he does not like to show. To do this, he will overcome himself for you. Men tend to be cautious when engaging in behaviors that others may perceive as weaknesses. In love, however, that ingrained attitude often falls by the wayside – and it allows you to see their true feelings.

When a man realizes he’s losing you, he shares his feelings with you and is much more open to revealing personal information about himself. He begins to open up and reveals his innermost feelings. In this way, a deeper, more meaningful connection with the partner is often established. And this will help him win over you.

2. He seems to be in thought

If he realizes he’s losing you, his thoughts aren’t really there when you spend time together. He is physically there, but mentally completely different. He is troubled inside and can clearly see that you are distant from him. He realizes that your partnership is going downhill and realizes that this could mean the breakup.

One might assume that he wants to be there for you right now and give you all his attention. But he really can’t. He may want to see you more often because he is worried he might lose you, but once you are together, he cannot relax. He is completely nervous and worried. This shows that he’s scared that you might leave him. He probably mentioned it at this point as well. Then you can be sure that he knows that the relationship is about to end.

3. He’s not taking any chances

He wants to play it safe and take absolutely no chances. He’s afraid that he might do something that will cause you to end the relationship. That’s why he tries to tiptoe around you and to please you. It will be difficult for him to express his honest opinion openly because he definitely doesn’t want to argue. He will try to create a kind of harmony between you so that the situation becomes a little safer for him and he does not have to constantly live with the fear that you could leave him at any moment.

Therefore, you may find that he is acting differently towards you than before. He won’t give you a specific reason why he’s behaving this way, but you can guess the reason. He’s clearly scared of doing something wrong and doesn’t want you to go away.

4. He wants to know more about your life and be more involved in it

He remembers things like your favorite color, how you like your coffee, or what types of books you read. He remembers because you are important to him and because he wants to show you right now. He will therefore also try to find out more about you and get to know your life better. He will get more involved in your everyday life to show you that he really means business and that there is no way he wants to lose you.

5. He puts you at the top of his list of priorities

If a man loves you, he will consider you the most important thing in his life. And as the most important thing in his life, there is nothing he won’t do for you. If a man loves you, it is not enough that he is successful on his own. He also wants you to be successful in everything you do. He’s your biggest fan and he’s behind you. He believes in you and what you can achieve. He lets everyone know how great you are.

That’s why he’ll make you feel that way when he realizes he’s losing you. He will make you his priority. If you have an important event or event he will be there to support you. If you have a big meeting at work, he’ll help you prepare and is there to ask you how it went after that. These things will be important to him because he knows they are important to you.


5 things he does when he thinks he is going to lose you

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