5 things a man does when he wants you to chase after him

Women are often used to men being the ones chasing after them. Most of the time, you don’t have to take the initiative as men do. Some women see it as an advantage that they are a woman. You enjoy the man’s attention and are easy to conquer. They are not the ones to take the first step.

 And actually, it is also smarter than a woman to just wait and let yourself be conquered. Because let’s be honest, a man who really wants you will fight for you. However, there are some men who like having a woman chasing after them. Some men are just shy or lack the self-confidence to approach a woman. Some men are afraid of being rejected. Other men just like strong and confident women who have no problem taking the initiative. Then it is very practical when the woman takes the first step.

But if you want to chase a guy as a woman, there are a few important things to keep in mind. If you answer too fast, you could scare him. But on the other hand, you shouldn’t be too passive either. Because he might think that you are not interested in him. 

Sometimes it is not easy to find a good balance. That is why you should pay attention to the signs that he is sending out. I’ve listed a few things here that he will do if he wants you to chase after him. 

1. Sometimes he shows interest, and sometimes he shows no interest

Has this happened to you before? Didn’t you have any idea why he did this either? One moment he gives you all his attention and the next moment he suddenly disappears. Maybe you had a crush on him and you just couldn’t help but chase after him. 

Now the point is, that’s exactly what he wanted from you. He wanted you to run after him and see him as extremely valuable. However, this can also backfire very badly because you could eventually lose interest in him if he overdoing these games.

2. He tells you that he has feelings for you, but he does nothing

Some guys act like little children and play games with women. You can’t just admit that you have feelings for a woman and hope that the woman will chase him after you if you pretend you don’t care.

But other men actually reveal something about their emotional world. For example, they’ll ask you if you could envision a relationship with them, but they’re not really doing anything along those lines. These men just talk but do nothing. This can be confusing for a woman. In this case, the man actually just wants her to finally chase him.

3. He goes and then comes back to you

The reason for this behavior is very obvious. He wants you! And above all, he wants you to go after him. He’s trying to make you miss him. He wants to pretend that you are not that important to him and that he is not that dependent on you. He wants to make himself interesting. He wants you to want him all the more in this meadow. 

But then he finds out that you don’t go after him and don’t check in with him, and he comes back into your life. And then the same thing starts all over again. He obviously wants you to show interest in him. With his way, he tries to get you to chase after him.

4. He pretends to be unreachable but is jealous at the same time

When men want to persuade women, they try to pretend they are aloof. It’s all part of their persuasion. Nowadays, however, the trend is no longer so strong. If a man exaggerates this aloofness, the woman is gone quickly. 

Then, when she meets up with another man, the same guy who was just so sacrosanct could suddenly get jealous. This strongly suggests that he wanted you to run after him.

5. He confesses his love to you and disappears

This behavior can also be extremely confusing for a woman. What does he want now? He even had the guts to tell you he loves you, but somehow he just can’t hang out with you. He’s almost pretending to have changed his mind again.

Some men are just shy and don’t really know how to deal with liking a woman. In this case, if he is important to you, try to encourage him to take the next step. He has confessed his love to you and wants to know if you feel the same for him. In other words, he wants you to chase him or at least send him a signal. Because men too have their pride and don’t want to be seen as idiots when they get a rebuff.


5 things a man does when he wants you to chase after him

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