1. You fight constantly.

According to research by renowned psychologist John Gottman, 69% of all family conflicts are never resolved. So it’s okay to even fight a couple of times a week. So you do not keep emotions in yourself, but you can speak up and perhaps even find a solution.

But when quarrels occur every day and literally for any reason, this is already a problem. This suggests that you are not ready for a serious relationship or incompatible.

2. One or both of you have stopped trying to resolve conflicts.

Maybe you don’t care how the quarrel ends, or you realize that you still won’t decide anything – that means the relationship has come to an end. You are emotionally abstracted: both or one repels the other.

3. Lack of emotional connection and feelings.

If your partner began to move away and stopped showing feelings for you, then he is emotionally withdrawing from the relationship. However, this is more a symptom than a cause of problems.

4. You rarely or never have love.

If you are constantly fighting and there is no emotional connection, it is natural that love fades away. This is a natural consequence. Or maybe vice versa: problems in love alienate you. Perhaps you are no longer attracted to each other, or perhaps your romantic desires do not match. Either way, the lack of love always ruins the relationship.

5. Your partner is increasingly absent from home or seems very busy.

Maybe he began to stay late at work or just sits late at the computer so as not to go to bed with you. Maybe he finds any reason to leave home and not spend time together – that means he is not happy.


5 signs your relationship is at risk

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