5 Signs That You Have Officially Shot The Page Since The Toxic Relationship With Your Ex


When you break up with a toxic man, the consequences of everything he has done to you for years unfortunately remain for a while.

And you can not say that you’ve moved on until you get rid of all the shadows in your ex’s past.

If you are wondering if you have really recovered from your ex toxic or are about to do so, we give you 5 signs that you have officially turned the page.

1. You do not feel the need to contact him

When you have just broken up with someone you still love, the first impulse you have is to contact him.

Maybe you want to tell him how much he misses you, maybe you want to start a fight or just see how he’s doing.

You may want to pick up the phone just to hear his voice or go to his door, hoping you’ll get back together.

But you prevent yourself from doing all that. You know it’s not a good idea and that its potential rejection will break your heart again.

But you still want to do it, even if you do not do it.

And do you know when you can be sure that you have really forgotten someone?

When you no longer have to restrain yourself from joining him. And that’s exactly what happens to you.

Lately, you do not feel the need to contact this man anymore.

You do not have to resist the urge to call or see him at any time of the day.

And this is one of the most certain signs that you have really advanced.

2. You do not feel like answering when he contacts you

What is common to most ex-boyfriends assholes is that they usually realize what they have lost, and they regret having lost it by the time they really lose it.

And your ex is no exception.

When he saw that you were getting back to you, he started crawling towards you.

Suddenly, he started trying to reach you and he started the contact.

And just like that, you did not feel the need to answer him.

It does not make you hot or cold, after all, back to you, and you do not care if he still loves you or misses you.

No, you do not ignore it for you to run after. You do not do it to teach him a lesson or to heal your broken ego.

You do not answer his text messages or his calls simply because you do not want it and you do not need it.

You consider it only a part of the past and you do not intend to change that.

It’s over between you and it will stay that way, whatever he can do.

3. You no longer need to turn the page

When you end a relationship and your heart is broken, it’s only natural that you want to turn the page.

You want to know why things have gone that way and you want to put a point on this story.

But one of the signs that you have officially advanced since your ex is that you stop looking to turn the page.

You agreed to never understand certain things and to be honest, you do not want to know them either.

You have stopped going back in your relationship, thinking of everything you could have done differently.

You stopped looking for the reasons why things ended that way and stopped asking if you could have avoided it.

You have stopped trying to understand why your ex was treating you like this and you no longer justify it.

The most important thing is that you have stopped seeing everything you could have built.

You just accepted that your relationship ended and you were not made for each other.

4. You are completely focused on yourself

When someone misses you and you are hurt, you are wasting all your energy on that person, even if they are not physically present in your life.

You put all your efforts into repairing your broken heart and in this process you completely neglect yourself.

And when you begin to focus on yourself, it means that you have officially turned the page on this pain that consumed you.

When you start to improve and make yourself happy, it means you have really left the past in its place.

5. You love yourself and you enjoy yourself

When you spend years with someone toxic who takes every opportunity to belittle you and make you feel bad about yourself, you end up believing it.

Even if you try to fight him, they end up convincing you that you are good for nothing and that he is the best thing that ever happened to you.

That’s why one of the most important signs that you have truly advanced in your life is that you are loving yourself again.

You got rid of the voice of your ex who was in your head, telling you that you are not good enough and that you will never be good enough.

Fortunately, you got rid of this man and it helped you to review your own worth.

It helped you to appreciate and love you again and it is a clear sign that he did not break you down.

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