You don’t have a problem with experiencing new things, but you still have a weakness for your past. Spend as much time and energy creating a routine for yourself. When things change, it’s hard for you, even if you know you have to. Even if your present and your future offer you happiness, you find it hard to leave the past behind.


You have so much love and lots of memories in your life. It is too early to move forward in your future. You like to remember your friendships and your previous relationships, remember all the wonderful moments you spent with them. Sometimes you think things have gotten better, especially if these people are no longer part of your life. If it depended on you, you would bring all of these relationships with you, and if you could not, you would stay grounded in the past.


You seem to want to be alone, but when you open up to someone, you do it without holding back. You like to keep things going the way you want and work hard to make sure. However, if a failure does occur, anger and resentment can keep you stuck in your past, trying to maintain a sense of control. If you lose someone you care about, you think of those memories you spent with them when you were alone. Live your past more than you admit.


No one underestimates your commitment to the present and the future, especially when it comes to achieving your goals. You will always do what needs to be done but keep your past more than you admit. Think about your past when trying to improve your future. However, you tend to get stuck on your past mistakes and correct what you can do best. You find yourself wishing you could go back and do things differently, now that you know more than you knew before and find it hard to let things go.


You love to experience new things, connect with new people and explore what the world has to offer. However, as much as you can try to stay in the present, you tend to think about your past. You have a clear memory of the things that happened to you, and sometimes you wish you could go back there and stay there for a while because things seemed a little easier. When things change in your life, part of you will always be stuck.


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