Is he serious? And is he possibly falling in love with me? Five unmistakable signs

Every now and then a man will reveal how he feels about you with small acts.

Dating someone has never been as easy as it is today – but also never as complicated. Dating apps are the reason for this. They make it easier for us to get to know someone, but at the same time, it becomes more and more difficult to be able to assess them. Questions like, “Is he serious about me?” or ” Is he even in love with me?”  are therefore not unusual.

It’s not that difficult to find out if he’s falling in love with you. These five signs show that he probably means business:

1. He calls you

Sending a message via WhatsApp is easy. But when he calls you, he takes the more personal route and in some respects makes more of an effort than if he just typed something on the phone. Planning your next date over the phone or just hearing your voice is definitely a sign that he is serious.

2. He takes time for you

When something is important to us, we take our time, right? It is no different with men, of course. So if he’s ready to go back on a date with his friends for the football night, he seems to have feelings for you.
If the opposite is the case and he “just doesn’t make it (again)”, you shouldn’t get your hopes up. Incidentally, this also applies to messages!

Does he call her? That’s a very good sign!

3. It opens

People don’t open up to anyone they don’t trust or who they don’t like. Men even less often than women. This is precisely why it is a good sign if he opens up to you more and more, tells you stories from his past, or reveals personal information. In doing so, he consciously breaks a barrier between you, which in turn connects you with him. One thing is certain: he is serious about you!

4. He deletes his dating profile

Whether Tinder or Parship: If he deletes his profile on a dating platform, that’s a good sign. Because then it tingles in his stomach. Other women? No interest! What he was looking for on Tinder and Co., he finally found in you.

5. He introduces you to his parents

The most traditional sign that he has fallen in love with you is: he introduces you to his parents. If that happens, you will have turned his head. So if he asks you if you would like to go out to eat with your parents, be happy! Because now it’s getting serious.

5 signs he's falling in love with you

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