For Cancers, their desire for understanding comes from the desire to feel part of something that is greater than them, like a family or a community. When they feel understood, they feel seen, supported and, like their loved ones, they have compassion and empathy.
When cancer feels that no one is feeling what it is feeling or going through, it really feels lonely. It is by understanding that Cancer feels that it belongs.


For Gemini, understanding comes with empowerment. When understood, Gemini feels confident, powerful and accepted. Being able to communicate their thoughts and feelings is one of the gifts of Gemini, and it is through them that they seek to understand. If they can get their message across and even change some preconceived notions, Gemini are satisfied. When they try to get something across, they don’t want it to be blurry or twisted.


Pisces often try to understand their words and actions, as well as the way they express themselves. If they are artists, they want people to see and understand their art. If they express their creativity other than through art, they want to feel known and accepted. Understanding helps solidify Pisces’ sense of self. When understanding is shared, empathy, forgiveness and kindness can grow.


Capricorns tend to feel a little misunderstood, as if they are playing things that are too safe or do not know how to have fun, which is wrong. When Capricorn feels understood, they have the freedom to relax, let their guard down and show their true selves. One of the benefits of feeling understood is that Capricorn relationships are more satisfying because there is better communication and opening.


Scorpions often seek understanding, possibly because they can be completely misunderstood. They tend to be extremely sensitive and to protect themselves, which means they can hold back and not fully express their emotions.
With the security of understanding, the Scorpion can not only better understand and know himself but also be compassionate and not be as critical.


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