We women know that the typical bad boy, who seems a little more wicked and does not always behave correctly, exudes a mysterious attraction. Still, some are hard to get rid of this guy. Why it is like that? Here are the reasons.

Admit it – it’s always the same with you: you get to know a man who is absolutely no relationship material, but super cool for it. You  fall in love with him. He takes pity and lets you sleep in his bed. You realize that he is not that great and that’s it – until the next guy. But why do you always end up with these Bad Boys? We’ll tell you  possible reasons!

1. That special feeling

Bad Boys are usually so cool that they are completely taken by themselves. They make you feel like you never have anything ridiculous like  feelings  – let alone feelings for a woman. For many ladies, this is exactly the  attraction . “Do I get him to fall in love with me?”

2. The big ego

Which woman would push a man off the edge of the bed, who is self-confident and can basically master any situation? His confident handling of you and other people around you makes him so damn  s*xy ! But do not be fooled, often this  appearance is just a facade .

3. Friends and family are horrified

You introduce your new lover at a family party and get horrified looks? Even your friends have only a shake of the head for this guy and can not understand why a dear woman like you end up with such a guy. And that’s the problem:  you do not want to meet the expectations of others  and thus let you – at least feel – reduce. You want to show that there is something else in you than the dear girl next door.

4. Drama, drama, drama

Is it possible that you get bored quickly? And boredom in a  relationship  does not work! That’s why you’re looking for someone who is guaranteed to make drama. You will argue, you will reconcile and then argue again to reconcile yourself. A  roller coaster of emotions , just the way you love it.

5. You are the woman who changes his life

This illusion is conveyed above all through  love  films. Young girl meets confident, strong player who takes women home only for s*x. He meets her and falls passionately in love, which turns his whole life upside down. At the end of the film, the two are married, have a dog and four children and live in a suburb of Munich.

Yeah … not going to happen! This type of men lives out their playertum and does not really like to drive it. Of course it can happen that  it changes for you … but then it would be boring, right? So try not to want to redesign it first. As a rule, many women have tried this before you – and have failed. Accept it the way it is – or keep your eyes open for another guy. After all, not all men are bad boys!

Why are women on Bad Boys?

The fact that the majority of women are real Bad Boys has now been confirmed by the study ” The Young Male Cigarette and Alcohol Syndrome “. In the study, 239 women aged between 17 and 30 years should rate different profiles of men. In the brief description, the Lords of Creation also shared information about their smoking and drinking habits. Based on this, the ladies should judge whether these men are suitable as a partner for life or merely as an  affair .

The result: Men who liked to consume alcohol and cigarettes were s*xually attractive to most subjects   – if only for short love adventures. The reason: Men who smoke and drink are “s*xually open”. And just such a s*x adventure is tingling for many women and an extreme ego push. Because Bad Boys bring excitement to the boring daily routine – but in the long run, unfortunately, heartbreak .


For many women, Bad Boys are quite attractive – especially in s*xual terms. They promise adventure and bring  something exciting into the boring daily routine . If you really just want a little variety and fun, Bad Boys are guaranteed to be right. But if you are looking for great love, you should be careful. For most women’s heroes can be tamed only in Hollywood movies.

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