Among the multitude of undesirable attributes, all narcissists still have one thing in common. Whether they are aware of it or not, they simply are not made for long-term relationships.

In their twisted mind, they do not do anything wrong. If you asked him the question, he would probably say that the relationship with his family, friends and co-workers could not be better. In fact, that is not the situation at all.

The inability of the narcissist to sympathize with others and to understand where the majority of their emotions come from makes it extremely difficult for them to form healthy, lasting relationships.

They do not look at things in the same way as others, they lack emotions and as they are unable (and do not want to) to be like a mundane person, they just can not last in a relationship.

All narcissists have a similar procedure. Their behavior can be easily predicted because they do things in a loop in every relationship.

And this is the main cause of their romantic fall. Ironic, is not it?

With this evidence, it is easier for us to understand exactly why they can not form relationships that can really last through time.

It is themselves who get in their way and if they did not have a manipulative behavior, their luck in love would perhaps increase!

But fortunately for all women, they stick to their program and here is exactly how they do to sabotage their romantic projects.

1. Narcissists treat people (and their spouses) as objects


As we all know, narcissists can not feel empathy and do not care about the well-being of others.

They can not fall madly in love with you, me and the rest of the world. They are not programmed like that.

What they can do is fall in love with someone in an extremely unhealthy and obsessive way, let their illusion of love defeat them and return in a few days to their “normal” self who treat people as objects.

  • They use their spouse’s emotions for their own benefit and get rid of them when they no longer serve their purpose.
  • They exhaust the energy of their spouse and leave them empty and in desperate need of a recharge that never happens.
  • Instead of making compromises, they take what they want and give nothing unless it makes sense for their own profit and well-being.

2. Narcissists spend their lives in the clouds


Narcissists do not care what’s going on around them. They do not care what you think or feel.

They have their own particular ideals that are very far from reality. They aim too high and wait a lot while being ready to offer nothing.

They are looking for a spouse who will serve them purely as an accessory. They want someone to meet all their needs, believing that they are fully entitled to it.

They do not care what you want. The only thing that counts is what they imagined in their head and what they gave to get there (even if it is illusory or exaggerated).

  • A narcissist does not make things easy for his spouse. You will always look over your shoulder wondering if you have done anything wrong.
  • Their constant dissatisfaction with you will play tricks on you and make you a blasé pessimist who has lost the taste for life.
  • They will never do their part to be happy. They will ALWAYS expect you to do it. It is you who will be responsible for the happiness of your narcissist and it will be extremely difficult to live like this.

3. Narcissists do not trust anyone


They trust no one but themselves. They see it as a weakness because they have never let themselves be dependent on anyone.

Unlike others, who trust their loved ones, narcissists do not have this luxury.

They do not understand how people trust them as easily as it turns against them in seconds.

And that’s why their relationship ends too prematurely.

Their inability to trust their partner makes it difficult to remain romantic because trust is the main ingredient of a healthy and happy relationship!

  • For them, trust is synonymous with vulnerability and they do not allow themselves to be weak. Neither for their spouse, nor for anyone.
  • They do not see that trust strengthens the strength of a relationship and helps to connect and connect two people.
  • To trust people means to depend on others and the narcissists depend only on themselves.

4. Narcissists are too controlling and manipulative


Narcissists must always have control over people and the situations in which they find themselves.

They never allow themselves to be kept apart and have to find the pieces of the puzzle because they are always aware of what is happening.

And this, added to their need for manipulation, makes it difficult for them to be in a committed partnership with anyone.

They will do everything in their power to show their best and push you under the bus if needed.

Their need for perfection outweighs everything else.

  • If a certain situation does not seem to be in their favor, they will invent crap and lie to get the desired result.
  • They do not react well to criticism, so they will resort to many tactics of manipulation to make their spouse crazy, being passive-aggressive or giving you a treatment of silence.
  • They never confess their bullshit. Blame always falls on someone else’s shoulders and they make sure they never be responsible for the shit they cause. They are masters in the art of covering their tracks.

5. Narcissists can turn very quickly towards aggression


If they do not have what they want, they can become violent very quickly.

Narcissists are known to be abusive to their spouses and do not even recognize that this is bad behavior.

For them, you provoked them, so you got what you deserved.

If their partner does not meet all their needs, they may resort to domestic violence.

And if your narcissist has one of these problematic traits, the chances of becoming hostile are greater:

  • Does your narcissist suffer from a fragile ego?
  • Does he have the habit of using his relatives for his own selfish gain?
  • Does he lack empathy?
  • Does he feel superior to you and other people around him?
  • Is his behavior scary and often difficult to decipher?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, it is likely that things will get worse sooner than you think.

Do not let your fear make you stay with him. If he has not yet shown signs of major aggression, take the opportunity to leave and never return.

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