5 pairs of zodiac signs will split up by the end of the year

Is your relationship out of breath somehow? Or are you afraid that the two of you will soon break up?

According to astrology, there are 5 pairs of zodiac signs that will split this year 2021. Find out if you and your partner belong!

1. Gemini and Cancer

These two signs are just too often at work at the moment. So when it comes to the couples who won’t make it this year, Gemini and Cancer are sure to be in that category. Because it may have been quite harmonious at the beginning of the relationship, but the two just don’t understand each other anymore. They have almost nothing in common anymore and that will lead, willy-nilly, that they keep drifting apart.

The Gemini’s honesty often crosses the line of brutality recently. And for a cancer that is very sensitive and sometimes overly emotional, it just becomes too much. Even if Gemini is crazy about cancer, they will never neglect their social life and thereby will not be able to give the cancer the attention it wants. Cancer’s lifelong dream is to find someone to settle down with and spend cozy weekend nights cuddling and watching TV. But the twin would like to go out into the wide world and experience something. As hard as you try, you are simply not and never will be compatible. Accept it and move on with your life instead of striving for something that is doomed to fail!

2. Taurus and Virgo

Taurus can be very noisy at times and, above all, want to enjoy the good times in life and Virgos tend to be calm and hardworking. That doesn’t sound very appropriate and it isn’t, which is why of all the couples who will split up in 2021, these two are also on the list. While it’s open to debate whether opposites really attract, it’s fair to say that the two may not have enough in common to keep things going permanently.

Taurus has very simple wants and needs, but he needs to feel that people are on his side. This way he can build trust and relax in his relationship. When a Taurus is with a Virgo, that trust cannot be established. However, this is not because a Virgo is inherently untrustworthy, but because the Virgo is very self-focused and has extremely high standards. A Taurus will never understand or be comfortable with this. Because of this, he will not be able to relax and will feel like walking around on eggshells. And that ultimately leads to a very unhappy relationship and thus to separation.

3. Sagittarius and Capricorn

We all know: Sagittarius likes to travel and loves adventure and risk. On the other hand, there is the Capricorn, who prefers to play it safe and would like to build a stable environment. While these different approaches were exactly what made the relationship a bit excited at the beginning of the relationship, they automatically lead to conflict between the two after a while. And this year this conflict will intensify particularly strongly, so that this could mean the end for Sagittarius and Capricorn. 

In particular, you may have trouble making decisions together as a couple. For example, if Sagittarius is trying to plan a vacation and Capricorn won’t compromise because they think too much about their job, it could lead to drama that may not be repairable. At the end of the day, what actually brought these two zodiac signs together will be the main cause of the breakup. 

4. Libra and Libra

A Libra relationship works very well in many cases because both partners want things to be fair. But there are also some reasons that speak against the compatibility of these zodiac signs. Because two Libra do not like to be alone and they are usually cold to each other.

Unfortunately this ice age has already started and in the worst case it will last until the end of the year. There might be a few more nice moments here and there, but by and large both partners already know their relationship is coming to an end. Libras are also really indecisive, so they get along best with characters who are good at making decisions. Two scales can get lost in the long run because neither of them can or wants to really indicate a direction. This can make communication, and even decision-making, a real problem, to the point where you both go your separate ways.

5. Pisces and Leo

Pisces and Lions are so different from each other that they may be another couple to split this year. While Pisces is considered an emotional and insecure zodiac sign, Leo is considered strong and even a bit conceited because they love being in the spotlight and want all the attention to themselves. 

While these two zodiac signs can learn a lot from each other, they are just terrible at communicating in this relationship. They’re not bad at communicating as a whole, they’re just really bad at communicating with each other as a couple. Pisces, for example, have a tendency to say things without really explaining them. This is a nightmare for a Leo who desperately needs to be told things clearly. Communication between the couple therefore leads to a lot of misunderstandings and to the fact that the partners cannot figure out what the other needs. This may be why the couple will split up by the end of the year.


5 pairs of zodiac signs will split up by the end of the year

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