5 of your positive traits that attract narcissists

If we don’t know how to use our assets, they can bring us high debts.

Have you ever wondered why the most positive, loving, caring, and empathetic people enter into relationships with people who are arrogant, dominant, and narcissistic?

Precisely because of the good properties, narcissists are attracted to empaths and caring people.

But the downside is that they don’t enter the relationship because they admire or appreciate these traits, but because they know that they can easily exploit and manipulate someone with those traits.

Narcissists have a strong need for confirmation and admiration. Because even if they project self-confidence and self-love from the outside, they have very fragile egos inside and a low sense of self-esteem.

To compensate for this lack of firm self-love and self-esteem, they are looking for people who are very loving and caring and who can overturn them with as much love and admiration as they need.

Of course, it will never be enough for the narcissist, it will only strengthen his ego prematurely. After all, he treats everyone like a worn handkerchief after winning his heart.

Narcissists themselves lack empathy because most of the time they only think about how they can meet their needs and do not have the mental or emotional space to think beyond themselves.

That is why they are looking for people who are extremely caring and giving because they do not mind putting their needs on hold for someone else’s happiness.

Narcissists are also interested in many superficial things like appearance, status, money, power, or intellectual skills. They have a feeling of grandiosity and aspiration and want to connect with everyone or anything that helps them improve their self-image.

Narcissists consciously or unconsciously look for people who can give them their “narcissistic fix”. And that is why there are certain properties that are very desirable for the narcissists.

Here is a list of 5 personality traits that attract narcissists:

1) People who care about others

In a relationship, you usually meet at eye level and it’s a constant give and take. But narcissists by nature know that they are takers, so they look for people who are carers in their nature.

People who are caring and sensitive have a certain sacrificial quality. They like to take care of others and often put their own needs in the background to protect others.

Hitting someone like that is a jackpot for narcissists. These people are your perfect narcissistic solution. They immediately fall into their web because of their caring nature, and by the time they realize they are caught, it is usually too late.

2) People who have empathy

People who have empathy are usually more understanding and forgiving than other people.

Narcissists try to benefit from this sympathetic behaviour by telling them their sobbing stories about how they had a terrible childhood or past.

They don’t even mind exaggerating or manipulating these stories to generate sympathy when an empath tries to confront them for their selfish behaviour.

They count on such stories and emotional manipulations to keep apologizing for their arrogant behaviour.

3) People who are successful and are very admired in society

Narcissists are looking for people who are successful and can do a lot for them in their lives. They only mingle with people who make them look good in the social field.

There are two types of narcissists: somatic and cerebral.

Cerebral narcissists value intelligence and somatic narcissists value appearance and their appearance (“Soma” comes from ancient Greek and means “body”).

All narcissists use manipulation techniques to control others and get what they want.

While cerebral narcissists use their brains and intelligence to enchant others, somatic narcissists use their good looks and appearance to impress and manipulate others.

Somatic: These are people who are obsessed with the external appearance. They spend a lot of time in gyms, salons and spas.

They are looking for partners who also look extremely good because they want to be seen as the hottest couple in society.

They treat their partner only as a trophy that can increase their social status.

Cerebral: These are people who are obsessed with their intelligence and brain capacity. They spend a lot of time improving their cerebral qualities and maintain contacts with people in front of whom they can show their knowledge.

4) People who are relaxed and straightforward

People who are uncomplicated and relaxed have no need to prove themselves. They love peace and feel confident in their skin. They try their best to avoid conflict and go with the flow.

They fit perfectly with narcissists because narcissists like to win and are right in every situation.

That is why they are attracted to people who are relaxed and uncomplicated because they find it very easy to exercise their moods and fantasies on these people because for the sake of peace they will tend to give in and soothe the narcissist.

5) People who have a good heart and a positive attitude to life

People who have a good heart and a positive attitude to life believe in the general goodness of people.

They believe that if they have good hearts and do good, everyone will be nice to them, that life will reward them for their gentle nature.

But they are a perfect target for narcissists because they never suspect the manipulative properties of a narcissist.

They try to find excuses and explanations for the narcissistic behaviour instead of seeing reality for what it is.

Pay attention to who you let in your life …

It is important that people who have these positive qualities learn to protect their feelings and pay more attention to who they let in their lives.

They don’t have to change their good qualities significantly, but they have to protect themselves from people who are looking to use those qualities.

It is important to realize that there are many people out there who sneak up on good people unnoticed and sneakily to take advantage of them. And the more you learn about such people and their way of thinking, the better you can recognize the warning signs and pour themselves out in front of them.



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