If you break with a poisonous man, the consequences of all the things he did to you for years will be felt for a long time.

You can not claim to be over him until you have removed everything from him.

If you’re wondering if you’ve finalized your poisonous ex or are about to forget it, we’ll show you 5 hard-hitting signs that you’ve officially opened a new chapter.

1. You do not feel the need to contact him

If you have just finished with someone, you still have feelings for this person, at first you seek contact with him. Maybe you just want to tell him how much you miss him or start a fight or just see what he’s doing.

You want to pick up the phone and call him, just to hear his voice or stand at his doorstep and hope he takes one back.

You, however, hold back to do all this. You know it’s a bad idea and its potential drainage could only break your heart again. You would like to do it, but you will not.

Do you know when you can really be sure that you are over someone? If you do not have to hold back yourself, contact those. That’s exactly what’s happening with you right now.

Lately, you do not feel the need for him anymore. You no longer feel like calling or constantly wanting to see him. And that’s one of the surest signs that you’re really over him.

2. You do not want to answer him when he answers

What most asshole ex-friends have in common is the fact that they only realize what they’ve lost and will regret it if they’ve already lost you. Your ex is no exception.

When he noticed that you are slowly getting over him, he has already crawled back to you. Suddenly he sought contact with you and every contact came from him.

And just like that, you did not feel the need to answer him. You’re not happy, even though he came back to you, yet you do not care if he still loves you or misses you.

No, you just do not ignore him, so he runs after you. You do not do that to teach him a lesson or to heal your broken ego. You do not answer his messages and phone calls simply because you do not want that and have no need for it.

You only see him as part of the past and you have no intention of changing that. It’s over with you and it will stay that way, no matter what he does.

3. You have stopped looking for a degree

When a relationship breaks down and your heart is broken, it is natural to look for explanations. You want to know why things went the way they are and you want to draw a line under it.

A sign that you are officially over your ex is the fact that you have stopped searching for reasons for your separation. You have accepted that you will never understand some things and frankly, you do not want to understand them at all.

You’ve stopped spinning your relationship back and forth in your head and wondering what you two could have done differently. You’ve stopped looking for reasons why things went the way they are and wondering if you could have prevented them.

You’re not trying to find out why your ex treated you the way he did and you no longer justify him.

Most importantly, you no longer think about what if and what could have happened to you two. You just accepted that your relationship is over and that you just are not meant for each other.

4. You concentrate completely on yourself

When you miss and hurt someone, you waste all your energy on that person, even though you are no longer physically present in your life. You give everything you can to heal your broken heart and completely ignore yourself.

But now, focusing on yourself again means that you have freed yourself from the pain that took possession of you. When you start to work on yourself and make yourself happy, it means that you have really left the past behind.

5. You love and appreciate yourself

If you’ve spent years with a poisonous person who has taken every opportunity to lessen you and make you feel bad, you’ll eventually start believing that as well. Even though you fight against it, at some point this person manages to convince you that you are not good at anything and that you are the best you can ever do.

Therefore, one of the most important signs that you have got your life under control again is the fact that you start to love yourself again. You got the voice of your ex from the back of your mind, who always told you that you are worthless and will never be good.

Fortunately, you got rid of this man, which helped you to recognize your value. It helped you to appreciate and love yourself and that is a clear sign that he did not manage to break you.

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