5 Good and 5 Bad Habits of Pisces as a Couple

Each zodiac sign has unique attributes and before you start dating someone with the Pisces sign, you need to know the good and bad habits they have.


Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign in astrology, ruled by the planet Neptune.

Which explains their extreme sensitivity or why they are often reluctant to express their deepest emotions.

Water sign, they are among the nicest.

Of all the traits of Pisces, their intuitive nature is the first thing you’ll notice!

However, the Pisces sign also has negative traits, which coincide with what makes them so wonderful.

We present them to you.

Yippee! They are true empaths

Everyone loves having a Pisces friend because it’s like having their own shrink .

He simply understands what you feel, in an intimate and deep way and never judges.

He is able to listen attentively without showing signs of annoyance.

Pisces are a deep well of human emotion and act like they’ve seen it all before.

Nothing can shock them!

That said, they often end up crying more than you do because they find the world to be a cruel place.

Sniff. It’s the roller coaster of the zodiac

This empathy obviously has its downsides too.

Whether good or bad emotions, they experience them with great intensity.

Also, they tend to expect others to share the same feelings and emotions as them.

For example, if they have just landed a new job and they are overexcited, beware if you do not share their emotion, to the same degree as them!

They will question your attitude for hours, often forgetting the context of the situation.

While maybe you were only at work and on the phone, you couldn’t scream with joy…

Yippee! They have a highly developed moral sense

You know you’re dating a Pisces sign when you’re both having a fight or disagreement and they’re super “forgiving,” easy forgiving.

It may be surprising at first because not everyone can handle arguments so easily but Pisces can, you’ll have to get used to it (it shouldn’t be difficult).

It’s really nice to be with someone who doesn’t blame others by default and seems to handle tension in an adult way.

Sniff. They are a little lazy around the edges…

Pisces wear their hearts on their sleeves and work hard to make sure the people they care about are happy and content.

But when it comes to things that don’t interest them that much, they get pretty lazy.

They won’t put in more effort than they need to complete a task…if they put in any effort at all.

Yippee! They are romantic to the end of the scales

If you are someone who is more of a blue flower, like candlelit dinners, flowers, gifts and constant little words of love; find yourself a Pisces man!

They love to be romantic.

Plus, since they’re imaginative and creative, you can count on them to come up with the most fantastic ways to show you that you’re their #1.

Sniff. They are quickly discouraged and defeatist

Like their fellow water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces can become very pessimistic and quite quickly.

If the going gets tough or they can’t choose a set path themselves, they automatically believe the worst-case scenario is unavoidable.

It is difficult to be with them when he enters one of these cycles.

This is the problem discussed above with roller coasters: when they’re feeling good, their optimism can seem limitless, but when they’re depressed, reality hits them hard.

They may feel like their joy is restricted or they are unable to keep their heads above water. Worse, they will find a way to make their nightmares a reality, even closing themselves off to potential partnerships or new opportunities that come their way.

You may be able to show them some new lakes to swim in, but don’t be surprised if this water sign chooses to stay in its bowl…

Yippee! They prioritize the mind over the body

For Pisces, appearance is not a priority.

They seek out what’s on the inside rather than cracking down on a person’s physique.

What are they most interested in? Know people more deeply, because it is their personality that attracts them.

Avoid talking about sports or your mother’s incredible bolognese recipe: they hate superficial discussions.

Sure, they don’t mind talking about simple things once in a while, but be sure to provide depth and offer real conversations too if you want to keep them interested.

Sniff. They run away from conflict

You know you’re dating a Pisces when they start to be absent right under your nose. You may notice that he spends a lot of time thinking and suddenly seems very distant from you.

This is because he has a rich inner world in which he tends to quickly take refuge, to ignore his partner and the conflicts.

When someone of this sign is unhappy, they will literally spend all their free time chasing their dreams, excluding you from them.

Due to a deep-rooted avoidance tendency , he might not even realize he is trying to avoid a problem.

Yippee! They are easy going

Their rather humble and reserved nature makes it easy for people to connect with them.

They have a good understanding of human nature and this makes the exchanges very interesting and pleasant.

It’s easy to feel comfortable around them and their benevolence will break the thickest shells!

Once you gain his trust, you couldn’t dream of a better partner.

Sniff. They can be a little too wild

Have you ever wondered why Pisces often seem distracted or drunk most of the time? This is because they constantly struggle between their fantasy world and reality.

They see the world differently than ordinary mortals and their mind alternates between the conscious and the subconscious.

Under the influence of Jupiter, Pisces are indeed very attracted to all that is mystical and spiritual.

They take a keen interest in mysterious things and therefore sometimes seem strange to others.

Some therefore consider these personalities to be wild and, to some extent, difficult to approach.

5 Good and 5 Bad Habits of Pisces as a Couple

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