4 zodiac signs that will write to your ex in 2020

Who doesn’t know that: You have split up and try to forget your ex-partner once and for all and delete it from your life, but after a while, you realize that it’s not that easy not to miss him. A breakup is usually very painful and often leads to feeling lonely and sad. Because the person with whom you previously spent so much time and to whom you entrusted everything is no longer there. 

In these moments, the temptation is of course great to send the ex a message or to call him. You think about how nice the good times were with that person and how much you stuck together – in good times and bad. But now that person is no longer part of your life. In such moments it becomes apparent who becomes weak faster and who can withstand this urge.

According to astrology, there are 4 zodiac signs that grab their cell phone very quickly to contact their ex-partner. They just can’t resist and will likely give in to their urges sooner or later. Find out which 4 zodiac signs will be in touch with your ex in 2020.


When Aquarius falls in love with someone, they can fall deep. These personalities don’t fall for the looks, money, or anything superficial that a person has. They fall in love with the people who have great characters and that’s what they miss when it all ends. You think about how humorous and honest the partner was and all the positive aspects.

An Aquarius can long keep the urge to text their ex-partner under control. However, the first impulse an Aquarius gets when they get drunk is to reach out to the ex and say whatever has accumulated in their head since the breakup. He wants to get rid of all his thoughts and has no problem making a love confession to his loved one. It doesn’t even have to be tied to wanting a relationship. All an Aquarius wants is to contact their ex and let them know what they think. 

In any case, texting your ex drunk is never a good idea. This will only make your headache worse in the morning along with your hangover, dear Aquarius. Try to stop yourself or ask friends to stop you when you can no longer think clearly.


Aries are passionate and always trust their gut instincts. He will of course be very concerned about what could happen if he texted his ex-partner. But as soon as his gut instinct gives him the green light, he’ll pick up his cell phone and write a message straight away. He almost feels compelled to follow his gut instinct. At that moment, he can no longer draw logical conclusions or weigh the pros and cons, because it just feels completely right to him.

Aries won’t think long about what the ex-partner might be thinking or how they might take the news. He doesn’t seem to care at all. But that doesn’t mean that Aries really wants his ex back. Aries usually get over breakups quickly and afterward strive for a friendship with the ex-partner. So he probably wants to try to build a friendly relationship with this news.


Gemini is an air sign, so it doesn’t care much about what others think of them. He also doesn’t make a big deal out of it if he decides to text his ex-partner. He is actually doing this with full awareness and with a clear mind. The Gemini is also known for his great communication skills and is therefore not afraid to put his thoughts and feelings into words. 

With these actions, twins could seek a friendship with their ex-partner, or they could try to win back the ex-partner as a romantic partner. In any case, this zodiac sign will do its best by crafting its messages to re-establish contact with the ex. 


The sensitive and emotional Cancer will have to crack a breakup for a very long time because it is especially hard for him as sensitive to be rejected. His ego could be badly injured and this will take time to heal. Cancer will struggle with it for a long time and will find it difficult to regain its self-confidence and happiness in life.

If a Cancer is particularly troubled shortly after the breakup, they will never push the ex back should they attempt to close. Cancers hold on to their partners – even if they have been abandoned by their partners. They still have hope for a long time that everything will be fine and that there will be a reunion. 

Most Cancers can’t hold back either and just have to write to their ex. They try to test him this way to find out how serious he really is about the breakup. This is the only way that Cancer can really end its old relationship permanently and accept it. 


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