4 Zodiac Signs That Keep Ending Up In On-off Relationships

Nowadays it often happens that people find themselves in so-called on-off relationships. The partners come together and have a good time in the beginning. Then they separate, but also can’t really keep their hands off each other. So they get back together for a short time until it crashes again and they separate again.

At first, it seems to be passionate and romantic when two people who love each other cannot be with or without each other. But in the long run, it can be very exhausting and nerve-wracking not only for the partners but also for everyone around. The relationship status is constantly changing from “totally in love” to “it’s complicated” and back to “totally in love”. 

Many of us have experienced such a relationship before, in which one could not really let go of one’s partner and was caught in that endless loop. Perhaps you’ve broken up with your partner before and found out afterward that you couldn’t really process the matter.

All of this is completely normal and it can happen to anyone. But there are people who always end up in these on-off relationships and don’t really seem to know what they want. You may have made the tough decision and broken up with your partner, but you can’t quite go through with it. And whenever you see your partner again, you can’t stop thinking about him and you might even end up in that with him again.

Maybe these people are just given too many opportunities or they just can’t be alone. According to astrologers, there are certain zodiac signs that fall particularly into this category. You get into this vicious circle very quickly.

Here are the four zodiac signs who always find their way back to their ex-partner, even though they have already been through several breakups with him.

1. Aries

Aries is a goal-oriented and passionate Fire sign and has a tendency to do exactly what it wants in life. And if that means he has to text his ex early in the morning to see him, then he will. And if he wants to sort things out with his ex-partner, so be it. Aries values relationships and will endeavor to correct any problems whenever possible.

The thing is that here, too, their impulsiveness plays a huge role. All an Aries need is one reason to get back into a relationship and they will. But that also means that he only needs one reason to break up straight away.

You will never catch Aries writing pros and cons, asking friends for advice, or taking a break to ponder things. If something seems like a good idea to him at this moment, he will pull it off without hesitation.

2. Gemini

While some people go out of their way to completely distance themselves from their ex, Gemini is a pretty changeable sign, meaning he’s particularly adaptable and flexible, but also a bit more open-minded than others. Gemini will not completely shut anyone out of their life, so the door to the relationship will be forever open.

Because they have excellent communication skills, they can iron out problems just enough to make a relationship feasible for the partner. But because they also have a somewhat rough character, it often doesn’t take long before they long for their single life again and they drop their partner again.

3. Cancer

Cancers are usually very loyal to their partners, which even leads them to keep coming back to their exes. It is very likely that a Cancer will not actually pull off a self-initiated breakup. He values ​​the people he once loved very much and he will never remove them from his heart entirely. On top of that, cancer can sometimes get very emotional and its anger is not very well under control. 

These are the perfect conditions for an on-off relationship. Cancers can sometimes look at things through rose-tinted glasses and just block out reality. That is why they are usually considered hopeless romantics who simply get involved with others too quickly. They like to hang in the past and think a lot about the good times with their partners. Because of this, the relationship doesn’t seem so hopeless to them and they feel motivated to try again, even if they’ve only recently broken up with this person.

4. Libra

Although Libra is very loyal signs when they are in a long-term relationship, getting there can be a very bumpy road. There are often lots of trouble getting started when they meet a partner, and it can lead to some breakups before Libra officially hooks up with a person.

This tendency has everything to do with their bliss, as Libra is very aesthetic and often thinks that a partner must be a perfect match for a relationship to work. She doesn’t always realize what she’s got and doesn’t appreciate it until a breakup occurs. At this point, her level-headedness kicks in and she suddenly tries to sort things out.


4 Zodiac Signs That Keep Ending Up In On-off Relationships

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