4 Zodiac Couples Who Will Split Up By The End Of 2021

Is your relationship out of breath somehow? Or are you afraid that the two of you will soon break up?

According to astrology, there are 4 pairs of zodiac signs that will split up by the end of the year. Find out if you and your partner belong!

Leo and Capricorn

Leo and Capricorn are definitely among the candidates who will split up by the end of the year. The most important thing that attracted you both in the first place was your shared need for power. Success and money come first for both of you.

You are both ambitious and also tireless, and these common top qualities have resulted in each seeing the other as the ideal partner. So that’s how you came together.

Plus, the great chemistry you had from day one was downright dreamlike, so you had no option but to be in a relationship. Well, everything was going efficiently until you both suddenly saw each other as competitors.

At the end of the day, the important things that brought you two together will surely be the main reason for your divorce or separation. The reason is that despite your different genders, you are both alphas and you want to be the leader. And that just doesn’t go together!

When both people crave fame so badly in a relationship, they can never have a bright future. Suddenly everything is competitive and everyone tries to be better than the other.

Before you know it, you will stop seeing yourselves as your significant other, but instead, start working against each other and also becoming wild challengers. That is why a breakup will be best for both of you.

Scorpio and Libra

It is very likely that you and your partner will break up by the end of the year because the give and take are not in harmony in your relationship. It was like this from the start: It was one of you two who always called and wrote detailed messages.

There has always been one in your relationship who has done more for the relationship than the other. And this one will also be the one who finally says goodbye to the other.

Let’s face it, you know that a breakup is best for you – but you just may not have the nerve to do it yourself. Or it is possible that you stopped working on the relationship and are now seeing the barrage of all the problems that your relationship has been drowning in for some time.

You may realize that the two of you never had much in common and that you didn’t really go together. You may be physically attracted to each other, but that’s it. 

Well, a healthy relationship can’t just be based on the outside world. The two of you may just not match based on your expectations and personality traits, and it’s much better to admit this to yourself before it’s too late. You should consider yourself lucky to end this dangerous love in time before it does any more damage.

Sagittarius and Taurus

Unfortunately, it will come to an end for both of you too. But the good thing is: you will both be able to understand it because it doesn’t seem to work between you for a long time. Perhaps a bit of boredom and a certain routine has crept into the relationship that has eased the tension between you.

The two of you have had some difficult conflicts in the past and don’t know how to resolve them or how to talk about them. In addition, neither of you want to change your mind in any way or forgive the other.

And although neither of you is ready to take a step towards the other, the breakup will be more dramatic and sad. You will both find it difficult to really let the other go. You want to try again together, but you don’t know how to do it. The fact is: you need distance from each other and you should definitely take it.

The breakup may not be forever, but you should take the time to think about what you really want in life and how you envision a healthy relationship. Of course, it won’t be easy, but as long as you really pull this separation through and move away from each other for a while, you both give each other a chance for healing and maybe a new beginning.

Gemini and Cancer

Paradoxically, Gemini and Cancer have almost nothing in common, despite being so close together on the calendar. A Gemini’s sincerity and honesty are usually beyond the limits of brutality, while a Cancer is sensitive and often overly emotional and difficult to take criticism. Even if Gemini is incredibly in love with Cancer, they will never neglect their social life and hardly have time for Cancer.

Another point that could pull the two apart would be that the two of them have different expectations of a relationship. How does the twin define fun? A bungee jump, a wild trip, or at least a little bit of clubbing.

He would love to party all night long. On the other hand, there is domestic cancer, whose long-standing dream is to find someone to settle down with and take leisurely weekend trips to cuddle and watch TV too.

One wonders how the two got together in the first place. As hard as the two of you try, you just weren’t made for each other and never will be. Get on with life instead of putting so much energy into something that is doomed to fail!


4 Zodiac Couples Who Will Split Up By The End Of 2021

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