Are you over 40, single, and finally want to fall in love again? Then we have four important tips

The best tips to fall in love again from the age of 40

Be patient

Even if you sometimes have the feeling that you are running out of time and that the more time goes by, it only gets more difficult to find love: Relax. It is never too late for love and there will always be men who feel the same way and who suit you. It is also important that you lower your expectations a little. The older you and the man are, the more likely the two of you will have a not unimportant past. These include, for example, children or a long, previous relationship. Don’t let that put you off.

You are exactly the right age

The older we get, the more solid we stand in life and the happier we are with ourselves. This is a great advantage when it comes to finding new love. Because only when we love ourselves can we unconditionally love someone else, knows relationship expert Dr. Juliana Morris. “If you know where you are in life, who you are, and if you can rely on your values ​​and your personality, the chances of finding someone suitable are significantly higher.”

Try new things

You probably want a man who is interesting, has great hobbies, and has a lot to talk about. “Be the person you want to be dating,” recommends Tammy Shaklee, relationship coach. She believes you should always try new things and make your life as interesting as possible. So you always have something to tell, experience new experiences that you can share, and, above all, discover new sides of yourself. Pursue new hobbies, visit new places or do things that cost you to overcome and that you might otherwise not do.

Don’t let your gut instinct guide you

Do you know exactly what kind of man and relationship you want? That is good, but there is a risk: Often we do not even get involved with a man because he does not meet our requirements the first time we look. We often eliminate potential partners within seconds because banal things “don’t seem right” at first glance. His apartment is not what we would like it to be, his shoes don’t work at all or the job isn’t really amazing either. Try to throw all prejudices overboard and get to know the man for who he really is. You no longer need a representative man (like you might in your 20s), but someone who really loves you and who wants exactly what you long for.


4 tips to help you fall in love from the age of 40

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