Lull in their own residence, no more inspiration, no more desire? This 4-step program will improve your love in just seven days

Improving Love: Here’s How

Improving your own love life is not difficult at all – at least that’s what science says. Researchers even claim that you just have to have the right love. But how does it work?

According to science, there are two types of love.

A) Love that one has to exchange affection, tenderness, and love or simply to have fun.

B) Loce that one has to relieve tension, process disappointments, or to overcome other negative emotions.

According to scientists, love that is positive is the love that one should have in order to improve one’s love life. It satisfies couples more (not only in their own residence but also in the relationship in general) and makes the partners happier together.

How does “positive love” work?

A team of researchers from the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Dalhousie University carried out a test based on this knowledge: Can you improve the love life of couples by advising them to only have positive love? They did the investigation with around 100 couples. Steps that couples should consider when testing was:

Step 1:

Make a list of the positive feelings you get from having a romance with your partner

Step 2:

Every day, think back to a positive romantic memory that you shared with your partner.

Step 3:

Send your partner a loving or “romantic” message every day (via chat, mobile phone, or WhatsApp)

Step 4:

For the whole week, focus on having as much fun as possible during love.

After a week, the participants in the study said that love and relationships had improved and that they generally felt more interested in each other again.


4 steps to improve your love life in just a week

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