If you are just unhappy in your relationship, you should consider whether a breakup can make you happy again

Would you be happier on your own? 

The darn seventh year has disrepute for ending a lot of relationships. According to separation coach Prudence Henschke, however, this happens much earlier. In your experience, couples are usually faced with the big question after three years: “Will we continue?” And it’s mostly the same four big issues that got you to this point.

Staying with your partner out of habit is the wrong decision. Either you work on the relationship and get help, or you have to take another path: the separation. If you know the following four points, you could possibly be much happier as a single.

Little things become a mammoth problem

At the beginning of the relationship, certain characteristics or quirks of your partner didn’t matter at all. Maybe even somehow lovable. Now they are a huge issue for you. No matter what he does, it only annoys you like hell and you get really aggressive. The tension is not just in the air, it is a permanent part of the relationship.

Disagreements on elementary matters

Everyone has the right to their own opinion – no question about it. But if the differences are too great, it can cost a relationship. And there are enough potential hot spots. Couples can stumble upon topics like work, money, children, parenting, romance, religion, or politics. Expert Henschke, therefore, recommends addressing these thematically often boring points during the getting to know each other or at least at the beginning of a relationship so that there are no nasty surprises and irreconcilable differences later.

Constant stress

When you are stressed, you often think of work. But financial difficulties, illnesses, or taking care of the parents can also be a constant burden for the relationship. If there is no way out or at least no compensation, it can make one partner so unhappy that it can lead to depression or other mental illnesses. Then love often falls by the wayside and reproaches take their place.

Boredom has gotten out of hand

Of course, you yourself are responsible for ensuring that a relationship is always fresh and that the daily grind does not determine everything. But for some, the situation is already too run-in. For example, when a couple no longer feels the need to do something together and no longer enjoys activities together. Do you prefer to do something alone or separately? None of the partners deserved that. Maybe you are happier alone?


4 signs you should break up - and get happier

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