There are signs that when they hurt them they ignore you so much that they make you doubt if you were ever in their life. They have the gift of being passive aggressive when someone breaks their hearts. Silence is your best weapon, there is nothing worse than feeling the rejection of someone you care about. There are 4 signs that it is better not to anger or you will pay the consequences. Come on, if you will pay them …  Their personalities are so determined that there is no one who will change their minds.

If you ever hurt these signs, you should know that they will break the bond in the moment, no matter how much love they have for you or any other important reason that unites them. They do not need to take revenge physically or verbally. They hurt you in the worst way, when they decide to turn you into nothing and they can smile inches from you without even looking at you.

4 signs that it is better not to anger or you will pay the consequences

They pay you indifferently, they feel comfortable in a conversation in which you have no place. They can become sarcastic and dismissive, touching on your weakest points. I seriously don’t recommend that you intentionally make them angry or hurt them, because they don’t understand the wisdom of ignoring someone they think is no longer worth it.

4. Cancer

Cancer with its ups and downs, can be as sweet as a guinea pig or affection as a crocodile. He is very emotional and tries to stay out of conflict, but if someone insists on hurting him, he simply does not know filters. He is a person who when he feels hurt or angry can hit you where it hurts the most. He does not bow to pleas and has a spiteful sidethat reminds you at every moment of your mistake. Cancer can ignore you or talk to you again, but things will never be the same again, it has an unforgiving part that is thirsty for you to pay for what you did.

3. Libra

Behind a soul full of goodness, justice and zero prejudice, hides a temperamental person who can lose control in a second. Libra is someone who always runs away from problems because he hates arguments. However, he is very loyal in every way, if someone betrays an agreement, causes his anger to explode or is the reason why he ended up shedding tears, it is better to prepare for the consequences; because they can be as quiet as a monk. Libra takes you out of his life without giving you a second chance and will make you regret it.

2. Pisces

They well say that the more passionate and sweet, the more spiteful. Pisces is a sign that honors empathy, it is always willing to understand the other and help. He is the type of person who always maintains peace with those around him, because he has a very reserved personality. However, when they feel hurt or angry, they may say the worst comments to you before completely cutting you out of their life story. Pisces does not tolerate malicious criticism and is not there to deal with those who just want to make fun of their advances. It is a sign that can become very passive aggressive, that can smile at you today and ignore you tomorrow just for fun.

1. Virgo

Virgo has a dark side that no one wants to awaken. It is an Earth sign, so when it gets angry it can take down anyone in its path. Remember that it is a sign that you have stubbornness in your pores, when someone hurts you there is nothing you can do to remedy it. He is a rational person, but when his emotions take over, the rest comes out in excess and theytake the path of passive aggressionso that the other understands that no matter how hard he tries, nothing will be the same at the beginning. Virgo can show you the most intense and rapturous side you know in a person.


4 Signs To Which It Is Better Not To Anger Or You Will Pay The Consequences

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