4 Signs That Cost The Most To Leave Their Phone

4 Signs That Cost The Most To Leave Their Phone

Looking at the screen can become a vice, as much as breathing. There are signs of the zodiac that seem to have a magnet with their mobile, they are practically oneself and cannot let go of it. They are the type of people who are always the order of the day, they know what happens every minute and when it comes to tracking information they are gods. Of course, they know the latest in technology, they know the applications and trends like the back of their hand. 4 signs that have a hard time putting down your phone:

Between work, fast-paced life and the desire not to fall into routine, the mobile phone becomes an escape valve, which sometimes makes us forget the most important thing. We immerse ourselves in a virtual world in which you have to imagine what a kiss, a hug, a caress feels like. They say that sometimes life is what happens while we are on the mobile, it is so much that we do not even leave it on vacation.

Signs that they do not drop their cell phone 

Self-control is superfluous when the mobile appears in our hands. Suddenly you start to see things and indeed, one thing leads to another. So when you least think, hours are gone. It is worth giving us a space, it is worth having fun and getting lost in memes, videos and much more, but you have to lower two lines, at least these signs:

4.- Aries

Meticulous, stubborn and they hate falling into monotony. Aries is proof that sometimes you get so frustrated with what is around you that you just want a moment of distraction to forget all that negative charge that surrounds you. The problem is that you are running away from your emotions, remember that it is okay to feel sad, angry or distressed. What is not right is to try to cover the sun with a finger, because sooner or later the wound will be present and that is when you will realize that the mobile phone was only a pretext for not facing your fears. Give yourself the pause you need, the opportunity to heal and see the beautiful side of life, more than through a screen.

3.- Gemini

Elusive, cold and anxious for the skies. There are moments when you can’t take it anymore, you break like anyone else. However, you do not want to accept that you are tired, that you need to pause to regain strength. Behind that strong Gemini personality, there is also someone vulnerable who does not want to be seen defeated, because he is tired of trusting people who always end up hurting him. It is not a good idea to avoid the situation with the mobile, because it is possible that that only increases your anxiety. Sometimes the mobile can make you more restless, without wanting to sleep and with the need to do everything at the same time.

2.- Scorpio

Without a doubt, one of the strongest personalities in the zodiac. Few understand them because they are not here to please anyone, Scorpios have a very hard way of relating to others. It is not that they believe themselves superior, it is that they got tired of dealing with people who are not worth it . That is why it is difficult for him to establish a link with the real world. Scorpio does not want to feel exposed, to show his vulnerable side so that they have weapons with which they can tear him to pieces. Deep down he hates betrayals and lies, which is why he prefers the mobile phone rather than having a face-to-face conversation, in which hostility is felt.

1.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius is synonymous with novelty, adrenaline and a great desire to flee from reality. It is a sign that always has high dreams, thatlikes to know the whole world even if it is through the mobile phoneand therefore can lose hours in it. He is the type of person who, if he does not feel empathy with the one next to him, prefers not to establish any type of conversation. Social networks are his weakness, he likes to spend time with people who are worth it even if they are miles away. Sagittarius will not miss the opportunity to add knowledge to your life.


4 Signs That Cost The Most To Leave Their Phone

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