This stereotype that people born under this sign are stubborn sounds like a double truth when it comes to admitting that they don’t know everything they would like you to believe. In the typical way of Taurus, this person will use their vast knowledge (what many of them actually have) and display it as a flag, assuming that you might not know as much as they do. intelligence is certainly their calling card, their arrogance and their casual behavior make the individual of Taurus a real tyrant when it comes to claiming the title of “greatest world authority over everything”.


Now there’s a shock, huh? Not really. This bright star of the zodiac is a business affair when they are determined to teach you a lesson. Oh, how they will love the sound of their own voices! they see themselves as speakers in a large student opera house. In the minds of Lions, it is obvious that you will give up all your previous ideas to relearn your education in the Lions way, which means that Lions expect you to forget what you know and you grab what they “teach you”.

Unlike Taurus, the personality of the Lion favors more flair and theatricality than substance. if you engage in conversation with a certain, prepare for a presentation rather than a friendly debate or even a serene discussion. Leo wins, even when they don’t know what they’re talking about, making it one of the most conceited of the zodiac signs.


It is an unfair game with Virgo in terms of argumentation. If you ever find yourself in a battle of words with a Virgin, take the high road and let them bark… as they will. Oh yes. The Virgin loves to speak and speak, and they rarely go out of what they believe to be a fact. Could they be referring to facts or do they believe so hard that they believe in that they just can’t bend? The truth is that these people are filled with pride, much like Lions, and prefer to fight rather than hear your point of view, let alone admit that you have a point. Virgo, alias “the perfectionist”, finds perfection in the concept that they are right and that you are not even close.


Known for their extroverted nature, they can sometimes adopt this freedom-loving attitude and claim the role of the title of “the greatest authority in the world in all”. What gives them such courage is that they are well-intentioned to know everything there is to know about it, and because of that, they cannot admit that you could know as much, if not more. more than the average Sagittarius is something that the average Sagittarius absolutely cannot contemplate. These positive intentions can bring them to knowledge, but once acquired, they begin to pass themselves off as the supreme owners of this subject. If you want to save yourself a migraine, avoid talking about travel or spirituality with a Sagittarius. You will realize that you have even tried.


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