4 Reasons Your Husband Would Rather Be With His Friends Than You

If you are newly married, it is important that you spend time together to adjust to your new life. What if your husband spends too much time with his friends? Should you address your feelings or sweep things under the rug?

Many men and women feel the need to spend time with their friends away from their partner.

However, if your husband spends too much time with friends, you may feel resentful or neglected. (The same is true for husbands.) When a person is hurt, it can damage the relationship.

Some men don’t want to change their relationships with their friends after marriage or feel that their marriage needs to change.

Others may not realize that they can continue to maintain these friendships and put their spouse’s needs first.

What should you do if your husband is more interested in game night than in a night out?

First of all, you need to understand why your man chooses his friends over you and often stays away for long periods of time.

People tend to be attracted to people and things that make them happiest.

If your man spends more time with his friends, works on his car, or has some other activity than spending time with you, it could be a sign that he is unhappy with you for some reason.

Or he won’t talk to you about it because he doesn’t want to endure the ensuing argument.

If it’s more than just a temporary thing and he’s away more than he is at home, it’s time to take a closer look.

The following four points can help you find out what’s on his mind. But regardless of the “why,” you need to approach him and ask him what’s going on.

He may start by telling you that everything is fine. Don’t rush him, just love him on the cheek, smile, squeeze his arm, and let him know you’re there if he wants to talk about it.

Also let him know that if he wants to talk about it, you will try not to get upset if he thinks you will be upset about it. Keep an open mind so he feels safe talking to you about it.

4 possible reasons why your husband chooses his friends over you

1. You reject your husband more than you accept him.


You may have a good reason for rejecting him, but if it seems like you keep saying no, your man might start to feel unattractive and that can make him miserable.

What can you do if this is why your man puts his friends first:

If you refuse your husband, you can tell him that you cannot sleep with him right away, but only at a later date. That way you don’t reject him outright. Sometimes you can also provide the impetus.

2. You are trying to control your husband’s spending.


Men can be like kids in a candy store with their hobbies. If you pull on the reins too much, they can quickly fall into deep sadness and tantrums.

If it goes on long enough, they can start hating you and the marriage.

What to do if this is why your man puts his friends first:

Discuss what he wants to buy. Talk about how it is possible to make it happen. If that means he has to get a second job or you have to spend the budget on it, then that could be a possibility.

Marriage is a partnership. Imagine being denied something you really wanted. Make all things equal.

3. Her husband doesn’t feel like he plays a role in the family.


When your husband is the sole breadwinner and you take care of the household, it can be difficult for men to work all day, come home, and then participate in all household affairs. That’s a lot to expect.

When the woman of the house makes all the decisions, the man sometimes feels left out and just a financier.

It’s important that you include your husband in the decisions made around the household related to finances, children, and other important matters without burdening him with even more work when he gets home—work that’s on your terms belongs to your tasks.

What to do if this is the reason your man puts his friends first:

Take the time to talk to your husband about important things.

Divide family and household chores so that they feel equal and he doesn’t feel like he’s coming home to find another pile of work to do.

Tell him that you appreciate his input and would like to know how he feels about it so you can both come to a decision together.

4. Your husband doesn’t get enough attention from you.


After the children are born, women usually feel that the children need more attention than their husbands.

They feel like their husbands can take care of themselves because they’re just as grown up as they are, and kids are…kids.

The truth is, men feel like they’re being forgotten.

They used to get all the attention in the household, now the kids come first.

They hardly ever get a “Hello”. This can make a husband feel unimportant and unhappy.

What to do if this is the reason your man puts his friends first?

Take care of your kids and then bring your husband on board.

Start paying more attention to him; give him those surprise hugs, love, and soft touches you used to do.

Arrange a babysitter when the kids are in bed and go out together. Give your husband the wife he had before she became a mother.

You don’t have to stop being a mom – just turn around and be your husband’s wife too.

You must be your husband’s priority and your husband must be yours.

4 Reasons Your Husband Would Rather Be With His Friends Than You

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