Sometimes it’s very difficult to ask your partner for something. And if you receive only a refusal to such a request, then the person may close and will no longer ask for anything. When you say yes, you strengthen relationships.
⠀ “No” is a generally negative word. And each request of a partner is like a test of how much you can be trusted.

1. Trust is a fragile thing.

Taught by bitter experience, it is very difficult to fully trust someone. And when one partner finally trusts the other and asks about what he could not decide, hearing “no” is very painful. This may be the simplest request – it is simply hard for many people to ask for something in principle because they are not used to counting and relying on someone else but themselves. But this is what relationships are needed for, right?

2. Do not forget about promises to each other.

Maybe you came home tired after a hard day. And she asks you to run away to the store, the one you don’t really like. You just want to relax already and tell her “No”. You still don’t know what her day was. And you forget that this simple trip to the store is part of the commitment that you made when you decided to be with her. The same goes for other requests.

3. Reciprocate.

When one partner always says “yes” to another, he must reciprocate. When you are always ready to help each other, it creates unity, trust, and love.

4. Agree on it.

Just try to always say yes to each other. If the wife wants to watch a soap opera with you, take a look. If the husband wants to take you on a camping trip – go. And you will notice that with each executed request you will become closer as a couple. Every day will be like an adventure and something new. The only thing that you don’t need, of course, is to ask each other to do something illegal;)


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